From costume sweet pets to female suspense, breaking the limited themes to become more diversified, and the ceiling of account sharing continues to rise

The five years of accounting drama: break the small circle and increase the profit

  Since "The Demon Out of Chang'an" attracted attention in 2016, the account-sharing drama has "developed" outside the mainstream line of sight for 5 years, and now it has entered its sixth year.

A reporter from the Beijing News sorted out nearly 40 relatively popular account-sharing dramas that were broadcast from 2016 to 2020, and nearly 30 account-sharing dramas to be broadcast in 2021.

It is observed that the account-sharing drama has ushered in an explosion of quality and profit in the past two years, and 2019 has actually become a watershed in the development of the account-sharing drama.

  It is from 2019 that the revenue and reputation of account-sharing dramas have been significantly improved, and the popularity of dramas has begun to be positively correlated with quality; the themes have become more and more diversified, and the mainstreaming trend is obvious; the main creative force of account-sharing dramas in the past has been newcomers The new company and waist film and television companies are the main ones. Since the beginning of this year, the top film and television companies have entered the game one after another... Account-sharing dramas are rapidly growing into a force that can rival copyright dramas and customized dramas in the field of dramas.

  Earnings and word of mouth are significantly improved, and popularity and quality are gradually proportional

  In the account-sharing drama before 2019, the income from the account-sharing was higher in the range of 10 million to 30 million.

For example, in 2017, "Fake Phoenix and Virtual Phoenix" shared 10 million, in 2018, "Waiting for the Smoke, Warm and Rain" 30 million, and "Time teaches me to love you" 28 million.

It has become more common for the account-sharing dramas broadcast from 2019 to 2020 to get 10 to 30 million in account-sharing revenue, and more than 10 movies have achieved this result.

The "ceiling" of revenue sharing has also been greatly improved. In two years, there were as many as 5 accounts that exceeded 50 million.

Four of them will be broadcast in 2020, namely "My Hedgehog Girl" (50 million), "Fall in Love with You During the Promise" (60 million), "Young Master and Slow Travel" (75 million) and "Smoke in the World" Kitchen" (100 million).

  Taking 2019 as the boundary, the overall reputation of the account-sharing drama has also changed significantly.

The 15 movies broadcast before 2019 have an average score of 5.49 on Douban; the 24 movies broadcast from 2019 to 2020 have an average score of 6.78, which is higher than the average Douban score of 6.4 for the "Top 100 TV Shows in 2020" (according to Yien data) .

Among all 39 accounts, the lowest ratings are "Dragon Day One, You Are Dead" (3.1) and "Flower Falling Palace" (3.3), which were broadcast in 2017; the highest ratings were broadcast in 2019. "Your Future Has Been Signed" (8.3), "Xia Detective Jane I Don’t Know" (8.2), "So Cute Us" (8.2), which will be broadcast in 2020.

  Included in this statistics for the account-sharing dramas broadcast before 2019, although there are 8 points for "Huajian Teapot Chef" and 7.8 points for "Erlong Lake Love Story", the rest are rated below 6 points. The passing rate is 13%.

The 24 films broadcast from 2019 to 2020, and the 15 films with a score of 6 or more on Douban, have a passing rate of 65%.

  In addition, the popularity of dramas is showing a trend that is positively correlated with quality.

In the early days of Douban, account-sharing dramas with more than 10,000 appraisers had many failing ratings; after 2019, account-sharing dramas with over 10,000 appraisers had the lowest score of 6.9 and the highest score of 8.2.

"My Hedgehog Girl" with a rating of 7.2, also ranked among the TOP10 cat's eye youth dramas in 2020, and became the only net drama shortlisted on the list.

  From costume sweet pets to female suspense, the themes are more diversified

  Statistics show that, from the perspective of themes, ancient costumes and sweet pets (romance/love) must be one of the accounts that had higher revenue in the past.

In 2017, "The Chef in the Flower Room", "Fake Phoenix and the Phoenix", "Waiting for the Smoke and Warm Rain" in 2018, and "Peerless Thousand Gold" in 2019 are both; "The Demon Out of Chang'an" (2016) ) Accounted for "ancient costumes", and "time teaches me to love you" (2018) accounted for "sweet pets".

So much so that the industry once believed that only "limited themes" such as costume sweet pets are suitable for component account dramas.

  But in the past two years, especially in the account-sharing dramas broadcast in 2020, many themes that are neither ancient costumes nor sweet pets have also obtained good account-sharing benefits.

"Dangerous She", which has a share of revenue of more than 10 million, tells the story of four women who redeem themselves in desperate situations and "set up the situation" to jointly revenge. It is a female suspense theme; "The Murder Case" is a more hardcore criminal investigation suspense theme. It tells the story of the frontline public security officers digging into the truth in the process of solving the murder case, thus involving the conspiracy behind it.

The play’s share of accounts exceeds 20 million.

  Judging from the list of account-sharing dramas to be broadcast in 2021, creators are no longer obsessed with making money by shooting "limited themes" of costumes and sweet pets, but are focusing on developing more diversified themes.

"The little brother who lives across from me" is a fantasy + sweet pet + comedy, "The Young Marshal Is Jealous Everyday" is positioned as a love idol drama in the Republic of China, "Eight Prism" is a criminal investigation + love, and "One Twinkle One Twinkle Star" is Youth + fantasy + love, while "Precision Impact" is youth + sports competition, and "Summer of Time Bifurcation" is youth + suspense.

  Break the small circle and move closer to the mainstream "Recruits" as the main force "Veterans" enter the game

  Since its inception in 2016, there have been cases where account-sharing dramas have exceeded 10 million in revenue, but their topic dissemination has always been limited to small circles, and it is difficult to reach mainstream audiences.

If you choose’s "number of viewers of the series" as the mainstreaming standard, the degree of mainstreaming of account-sharing dramas in 2019 and before is very low, and most of them cannot be scored due to insufficient number of evaluations-even if the drama's revenue and popularity Both are quite impressive.

However, the opening rate of Douban for the hot account splitting drama in 2020 has been greatly increased. According to Yunhe data, the opening rate for the new account splitting drama Douban in 2020 is 33%, compared to only 15% in the previous years.

  Not only that, the account-sharing drama in 2020 has also kept pace with the creative trends and hot topics of the mainstream drama market that year.

Prior to this, regardless of the popularity of dual male protagonists or realism, the field of account-sharing dramas has always been in the dominance of ancient costumes + sweet pets.

In the mainstream drama market in 2020, suspense and female themes perform well.

In the field of account-sharing dramas, the quality and quantity of suspense themes have both improved. Nearly 1/3 of the 17 hot account-sharing dramas have suspense elements blessed, including the 8.2-point "Xia Detective Jane I Don’t Know"; female themes have also made breakthroughs, "Dangerous "She" is not only suspenseful, but also a realistic female group drama.

  The "players" of account-sharing dramas have always been newcomers and waist companies, and the cast seldom has "familiar faces".

If you list the production companies of the account-sharing drama from 2016 to 2020, it will be difficult for the audience to find familiar names.

New Studio Films, Yingmei Media, Ryetian Films, Walnut Films, Cool Whale Production, Shanhe Wanwu Film and Television Media... These dramas are mostly shortly established, the company is not large, and the production of dramas is not too large. "Recruits".

With the expansion of the account-sharing drama market and the increase in account-sharing revenue, the "veterans" of mainstream drama production have gradually entered the game.

In 2021, the name of Ciwen Media appeared in the production company of the accounting drama to be broadcast, and "The Summer of Time Bifurcation" is the first part of the accounting drama produced by it.