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sense of responsibility

Youssef Al-Ahmad

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05 March 2021

Feeling of responsibility is not generated in the moment, nor is it built by inventing a fleeting reaction, which serves as a winking signal to attract attention, throwing the ball of blame and accusation away from the line of contact.

Responsibility is a sense and sincere commitment to perform tasks and roles, within the framework of professionalism and professionalism that lead to the achievement of the aspirations and the desired goals, which come as an entitlement that must be performed and accomplished according to the causes and reasons imposed by it, and its existence is required through an agreement based on mutual interest between the two parties to the relationship.

- The low and sometimes sublime appearance of some professionals raised concerns of suspicion and suspicion in the surroundings of the masses and followers.

The low and sometimes sublime appearance of some professionals raised concerns of suspicion and suspicion in the surroundings of the fans and followers, because serious and effective performance is governed by factors of discipline, fighting and influence on the field, which has now vanished from the scene, as observed by the eyes of the viewers.

Through the follow-up to the past rounds of the league, the arena witnessed a tangible decline and decline for Asmaa who failed her fans and fans, as her last appearance came in form without a clear impact on the system of her teams, but her role became closer to the show and deceptive promotion, which returned the hypothesis of surrender and playing with the least effort, to the needs of And unknown purposes, but its messages are understandable, just as their presence has also turned into tourism and wandering with their helpless teams.

Perhaps many of these cases have raised confusion and question about the noticeable decline in the level of performance and giving, compared to the previous periods in which it went out glowing, but it was a torch of activity that ignited the stadiums with fun and excitement, to captivate with it the hearts of the fans who were waiting for those touches and creativity, and also enjoy the magnificence of the performance. And the skill, which was reflected in the results and the position of their competitive teams, but the explanation of this decline is due to two reasons, not a third, either. Surrounding has a hidden role to arrange a displacement, to bring someone who likes the mood, then play and jump between the two ropes, so it is not fiduciary and responsibility to strip some of those ethics and spit in the vessel from which it recovered and fattened, especially when competitors collide from behind, and tighten the noose around The necks, to show the shameful and the lurking, and strike from behind the walls, either as a cure or a liquidation of an old account!

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