Police arrested five other gang leaders on suspicion of attempted murder in an incident in which two gang members were shot with a pistol and seriously injured on the streets of Kawasaki City immediately after getting out of the car. ..

Five people were arrested, including Kazuo Tsuchiya (56), the head of a designated gangster and Sumiyoshi-kai-affiliated gangster.

According to police, in January, the five men fired a pistol at a car with another gang leader on the streets of Oshima, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, and a 51-year-old gangster and a 47-year-old just after getting out of the car. There are suspicions such as attempted murder for injuring a woman's neck and chest.

The leader in the car was not injured.

As a result of investigating the images of the security cameras in the vicinity, it was found that the man who shot the pistol was running away in a car waiting at a place about 100 meters away from the scene, and five people were found in the subsequent investigation. It turned out that there was a suspicion that he was involved.

It seems that the five people were divided into roles such as executives, pick-ups, and guards, and the police thought that there was a problem with the targeted team leader, and decided to investigate the details.

The approval or disapproval has not been disclosed as it interferes with the investigation.