It was found that 60% of prefectural high schools and national and public junior high schools in Nagasaki prefecture specify the color of their underwear as "white" in school regulations, etc. We have issued a notice requesting a review, saying it could be a problem.

According to the people concerned in Nagasaki Prefecture, the school rules and guidance should be discussed nationwide, and the prefectural board of education targeted 238 prefectural high schools and national and public junior high schools in the prefecture. As a result of investigating the "school rules" that are the standard of the school, it was found that 138 schools, which is 58% of the total, specify the color of underwear as "white".

The prefectural board of education cites the act of designating the color of underwear and confirming underwear as an example, and in the school rules etc., the contents that may cause human rights problems, the actual situation of students, changes in the environment surrounding society On the 2nd of this month, we sent a notice to the prefectural schools asking them to confirm and review the school rules, and sent the same documents to the boards of education of each city and town, saying that there were some things that were unfamiliar to them.

In addition, this notice also requires that students and parents be able to participate in some way, such as by providing opportunities for students to discuss when reviewing school rules and by conducting questionnaires to parents.

Prefectural Education Agency "School rules created long ago?"

The Prefectural Education Agency's Child and Student Support Division told NHK, "I remember that when the school was rough, I decided to match the color of my underwear to" white "to protect the morals. I think that the school rules that have been set still remain. "

On top of that, he said, "As the perspectives and times of human rights issues change, we need to actively consider revising school rules in line with them. We would like each school to review them upon notification." I'm talking.

Junior high school girls "I hate being able to check the color of my underwear"

A junior high school girl who says that the color of her underwear is specified as "white" in the "school rules" at the school she attends and that the color of her underwear is checked regularly according to the change of clothes is anonymous to NHK. I responded.

This junior high school girl said, "When I change my clothes in a physical education class, a female teacher is in the classroom and I sometimes get told that my underwear must be white. Each person wants to buy different underwear colors and sizes, so the store Some people sell only non-white colors, so I don't think it's just white in this era. I don't want to be able to check the color of my underwear, so I want the rule of only white to change. It doesn't hurt to wear non-white underwear in class, and I think it's better if it's not white. "

Expert "Human rights issues depending on the method"

Associate Professor Kazuko Ikeya of the Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University, who is familiar with the educational field in Nagasaki Prefecture, said, "I think it is not necessary to specify the color of underwear in detail in the school rules. There is also an act of actually checking the underwear, so that is exactly what it is. Depending on how it is done, it can be a human rights issue. "

On top of that, Associate Professor Ikeya said, "I don't just say that students have school rules, so I just obey them. I understand the necessity of why there are restrictions, and in the future I will grow up so that I can judge for myself. As an educational institution, it is important for schools to create opportunities for children to think about such things, and to determine whether this restriction is really necessary in today's society, depending on the needs of children. " I'm talking to you.