In Sasaguri Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, a mother and an acquaintance woman were arrested for starving to death without giving enough food to a 5-year-old boy. It turned out that I was sharing the rice.

Police are investigating an acquaintance's woman, who believes she was in distress due to the exploitation of cash entering her home.

In April last year, Ikari Rie and (39) acquaintance Emiko Akahori (48) in Sasaguri Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, starved to death without giving enough food to Shoshiro, the third son of Ikari, who was five years old. He was arrested on suspicion of abandonment of the protection officer.

According to the investigations so far, Akahori has earned almost all of the monthly average of more than 250,000 yen that goes into Ikari's family, such as welfare expenses.

On the other hand, interviews with investigators revealed that not only children but also mothers were not given enough food, and a small amount of rice was porridge-shaped and shared by the family.

In many cases, electricity and gas could be turned off, and when I needed to make a phone call, I went to a convenience store where I could use the Wi-Fi service for wireless communication.

Police are investigating that the family was in distress as Akahori was exploiting cash, and Shoshiro was weakened by malnutrition in the process.