"Katateeb Creations" ... Beautiful letters that adorn the homes of calligraphers

Abdullah Al Owais during his tour of the exhibition halls.

From the source

The houses of calligraphers in the Calligraphy Square in Sharjah were adorned with Marez lettering panels, participating in the fifth edition of the exhibition "Katateeb Creations", in the presence of the Head of the Sharjah Culture Department, Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Owais, and the Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs in the Department, Muhammad Ibrahim Al Qasir, in addition to the curators And an audience of Arabic calligraphy fans, with a commitment to preventive measures from the epidemic.

The fifth session included 56 written works by 34 participants and the participation of the members of the "Katateeb" program in the mosques of Sharjah, the female members of the Union of Women in the Emirate, in addition to participants from all over the country, and the paintings formed an aesthetic lettering energy that adorned the walls of homes, and reflected a remarkable visual culture due to its flow. In a variety of fonts such as Al-Raqqa, Al-Naskh, Al-Diwani, Al-Thulth, and Al-Kufi, while you carried Quranic texts, supplications and instructional phrases.

During the tour, a number of supervisors indicated that the march of Arabic calligraphy requires effort and tireless work on training to reach the art of Arabic calligraphy for these levels that participate in the exhibition. These students won various awards.

The program’s supervisors went on to say that calligraphy needs patience and perseverance, in order to produce capable calligraphers that can produce professional artworks that donated the arts of Arabic calligraphy and the arts attached to it such as the art of “Abru and Ornamentation,” and the exhibition revealed the participation of a student over 60 years old.

The "Katateeb" program was announced to coincide with the crowning of Sharjah as the World Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014.

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