Consumers say that it is a violation of the prize labeling law to sell hair growth agents with unreasonable advertisements such as "hair is fluffy in just two months" in so-called "affiliate advertising" on the Internet. The agency has issued a measure order to mail-order companies in Tokyo to prevent recurrence.

It was the mail-order company "TS Corporation" in Minato-ku, Tokyo that was punished.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, this company uses an "affiliate" mechanism that outsources Internet advertising to another company, etc., and in July and September, "scientific journals recommend" or "hair in just two months" It means that the hair restorer was advertised through the site that displayed "Fusafusa".

According to a survey by the Consumer Affairs Agency, the company was asked to submit materials on the basis of labeling, but no rational basis for obtaining a hair growth effect in a short period of time was shown.

The Consumer Affairs Agency has ordered the company to take measures to prevent recurrence, saying that such an act is a "good misunderstanding" of the prize labeling law because the company had confirmed the content of the advertisement in advance. ..

In response to an interview with NHK, "TS Corporation" commented, "We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the poor system for checking advertisements. We have already strengthened the system and will continue to work to prevent recurrence." I am.