The controversy has returned to TVE, the morning program La Hora de La 1 has used a photo of the daughters of King Leonor and Sofía to illustrate the information about the presumed vaccination, revealed by

El Confidencial

, of the infantas Cristina and Elena de Borbón, sisters of Felipe VI, in Abu Dhabi.

In an information on the reactions to that visit of his daughters to King Juan Carlos, the program of the public channel has confused the image with the current princess and the infanta.

The presenter, Mónica López, gives way to the journalist Igor Gómez who begins to explain the political reactions to this information.

At that moment the image of Leonor and Sofía is seen on the screen of the morning program while the journalist continues with his explanations.

Just a few seconds later, it is the editor himself who rectifies.

"We have to apologize because in the previous image we have issued one of the current ones when Elena and Cristina were the ones we wanted to offer," says Gómez about the photographs that a few seconds before had been shown on the panel to explain a possible early vaccination in Abu Dabi from Cristina and Elena.

Reactions to this error have not been long in coming, accusing the program of "a very serious manipulation" against the Casa del Rey.

"He accuses Princess Leonor and her sister (minors) with photos of being vaccinated in Abu Dabi when their aunts have been the Infantas Elena and Cristina. Free, composed of workers from the public entity.

This situation occurs just three weeks after a scriptwriter for the program, Bernat Barrachina, was fired by the sole administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, for a sign comparing the departure of Princess Leonor from Spain to study the Baccalaureate in Wales with his grandfather's due to problems with the Treasury.

"Leonor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather" could be read on a sign under the image of the Princess of Asturias in an information where her new destination was explained in the next academic year.

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