And then there are still two of them, this week, in which the Bachelor felt like kissing every woman, but hardly talked to his eternal favorite Mimi.

On the night of the roses they finally sit together and Mimi could take the chance.

Reminding him, for example, of what he missed, what kind of sparkle they had together - after all, she's still the only woman with an overnight date!

She could honestly admit that she missed him and - importantly - remind him how well she fits in his arm (after all, Michèle was in there by now!).

Instead, there are a few bitchy remarks (“You already know that you are unsettling me”), insulted hints (“Didn't you want to see me that week, oo or ...?”) And explicit reproaches (“You forgot who I am! ")

Well, you thought the finale was already clear - and then this episode simply removes all clarity.

Of course you understand Mimi and her emotions.

After such a promising beginning this week, she was pretty much put in her place when Niko sent her home on a two-person date with ore competitor Michèle in a direct comparison.

A small slap in the face, especially where Mimi already registered special rights to the Bachelor, because the two harmonized from the beginning, she was already hoping and developing feelings.


Still, she's here at the Bachelor's degree and has to play by the stupid rules there.

So: don't take it personally when he meets (and kisses!) Other women, keep your nerve - and most importantly: show your greatness.

That's pretty attractive - and can also unsettle a man.

And after all, Niko likes a bit of uncertainty, which has been observed in the eternal hash-me game with Michèle for weeks.

Date with Michèle: The kiss is about to start, which Niko won't let go of

Source: TVNOW / Photo: TVNOW

If you want to win, you have to stay in the game, and to stay in the game you have to remain attractive for the bachelor's degree.

And in a group of women who run after him, you have to stay cool, not annoy or alienate him or even blame him for the game, in the context of which your own feelings could only arise.

By the way, Niko seems to like the game in question more and more.

After the initial stress and a slight overstrain from the many women who wanted to kiss him, he now simply plays along and uses this unique chance in life.

And kisses.

Many women.

And somehow it gives everyone the feeling of being one, the special.

In this episode, as I said, Niko smooches with four women - admittedly, he could have saved himself the kiss with the buddy Hannah in order not to unnecessarily hurt this really down-to-earth-decent candidate.

But Hannah will be fine.

Try it too: Niko kisses Hannah

Source: TVNOW / Photo: TVNOW


Unlike Mimi, who may have really gambled away her favorite status.

She re-established a climate that Niko found uncomfortable, in which he had to justify himself, explain the format to her as a matter of course ("You know that I decided on the overnight date for you before all the other women?") And fend off claims that she doesn't have yet.

It may sound unemancipated, but anyone who takes part in this unemancipated format must at least try to get what they want for their own salvation.

And if you have to forget all emancipated behaviors for a few weeks.

And it's Stephie's turn again!

Source: TVNOW / Photo: TVNOW

And Mimi wants Niko.

So she has to behave in a way that Niko wants her too.

And Niko is no longer the hoodie boy, Niko has arrived in his bachelor role.

He wants to be wanted, play the game, have fun with it, flirt.

Think about kisses, talk about kisses, kiss.

The kiss with Michèle seems to have been quite spectacular (what was going on under the covers?), So you have to remind yourself of your own merits.

“Are we going back in?” He finally asks after the Mimi problem talk.

So she now has neither answers to her accusations nor a positive signal.

But fear.

She got the rose anyway, and Niko still remembers their night together.

But there shouldn't be many other kisses left.

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