As the group Brave Girls achieved a reverse run on the music chart with'Rolin' released 4 years ago, the story of Brave Girls left as a comment by a netizen was also re-examined.

Yesterday (2nd), a comment on the 2017 Brave Girls' Marine Corps performance video focused on the online community and social media.

A commenter who introduced himself that he served in the Baengnyeongdo Marine Corps said, "I sincerely want the Brave Girls to appear." Brave Girls came to me."

The author said that the day after the Brave Girls' consolation performance, they had witnessed the unforgettable appearance of the Brave Girls. I took it.

In response, the author sincerely cheered on the Brave Girls, saying, "The appearance of the Brave Girls who tried to take as much pictures as possible is still bright in the eyes" and "I hope that people with good personality, I hope to become a highly memorable group for a long time."

The netizens who saw this also showed warm reactions such as "It seems like I've never seen a group that went to Baengnyeongdo" and "I hope the Brave Girls will be better as they struggled with drinking dirt."

Brave Girls''Rolin', aka'Millboard No. 1', succeeded in driving backwards as the YouTube comment collection video attracted attention.

The video is in the form of editing the music broadcast of'Rolin' and the stage of the defense TV consolation train and adding comments, and netizens amazed at the appearance of enthusiastic soldiers of the ROK Army performing choreography along with a shoal song. Is done.

Amidst surprising achievements, such as'Rolin' entering the rankings of major music charts, the agency of Brave Girls replaced'Rolin' with a new album cover at the request of fans to change the album cover.

In addition, Brave Girls member Yoo Jeong-eun said on a radio broadcast, "All the members cried after hearing the news of the recent reverse driving. Tears didn't come out well at first, but then I was surprised and tears poured out 10 seconds later"

(Photo = YouTube'Full Bloom Adventure Ⅱ','Viditer', Brave Entertainment)

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