• Patrick Poivre d'Arvor was the guest of the



    on TMC.

  • The former star of the 8 pm is accused of rape by the writer Florence Porcel.

    A judicial inquiry has been opened.

  • "Nothing happened", "it's fable," he proclaims.

"Nothing happened", "it's fable": Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, accused of rape by the writer Florence Porcel, defended himself in the



on TMC this Wednesday, claiming to want to "speak [his] truth".

While surveys of Le



20 Minutes

put forward testimonies potentially relating to rape and sexual harassment, "PPDA" as it is called, appeared moved at the end of his interview, affirming to want to "hold", "for [his] wife, [his] children, [his] friends ”.

The former presenter of the TF1 JT described his meeting with the writer in November 2004 in these terms: “I made an appointment for him and I saw him for a quarter of an hour, twenty minutes, that went well in a cordial way, then she sent me a series of poems, I felt that I had troubled this young woman.

I must have seen this woman five or six times, she wrote to me a lot, asking me to give her interviews, to help her with a CV to circulate.

I was very helpful, and I didn't think for a quarter of a second that lightning was going to fall on me ”.

"I never spoke about my private life"

Pressed by


reporters to

give details of the nature of her relationship with Florence Porcel, "PPDA" sidestepped the question: "I never spoke about my private life.

The question you ask me, I reserve it for the investigators, ”he said, adding that he“ never in [his] life had a forced relationship ”.

And repeating later, "There is nothing worse for me than forcing a woman to do anything."


In its defense, PPDA oscillated between apparent compassion for the victim and disparagement.

"We start with something beautiful, which is repeated and said in I do not know how many emails or messages", explains the journalist, reproaching Florence Porcel a minute later for wanting to "promote a book".

"It is possible that women do not live this well"

Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, however, conceded lip service that his behavior was perhaps not well experienced by women: "This behavior where there were kisses in the neck, this behavior is no longer accepted by the younger generations, ”he said, adding:“ It is possible that women do not experience this well.


Le Parisien

claims that Florence Porcel's complaint evokes two rapes, one at TF1, in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), after a television newscast in 2004, and the other at the headquarters of production company A Prime Group in 2009. A judicial investigation was opened.

The former star of the 8 pm has also been the subject of other accusations reported by

Le Parisien


20 Minutes



20 Minutes

, other women described facts potentially relating to sexual harassment.


Accused of rape, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, expresses his "revolt" on Facebook


“Heavy dredging doesn't exist.

It's sexual harassment, ”explains Caroline De Haas

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