Actor Lee Sang-woo, who made a special appearance in the SBS Friday and Saturday drama'Penthouse 2', met with his wife Kim So-yeon's future husband Eom Gi-jun and ex-husband Yoon Jong-hoon.

The'Penthouse 2'making video released on the YouTube channel'Svscatch' today (2nd) contained the site of Lee Sang-woo's special appearance.

Before the appearance of her husband Lee Sang-woo, Kim So-yeon, who was acting together with Eom Gi-jun and Yoon Jong-hoon, said, "(Lee Sang-woo) is not watching TV, but I am meeting these two together today. "Isn't it okay?"

Then, when Lee Sang-woo appeared on the scene, Kim So-yeon said, "It's my husband," and introduced Lee Sang-woo to her husbands Um Gi-jun and Yoon Jong-hoon in the play. "Will you come to?" I sent Kim So-yeon to Lee Sang-woo's side.

Kim So-yeon, who was so embarrassed that she could not find the villain of'Penthouse' Cheon Seo-jin, cried out cutely, "Opa~ Wait!" from a distance after Lee Sang-woo's filming was over.

The netizens who watched the making video are leaving various comments such as "Kim So-yeon is really cute that she doesn't know what to do", "Kim So-yeon's real personality prevents excessive immersion in the penthouse", and "Because she has three husbands, it's better than American style."

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