Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, all domestic flights were suspended at Ibaraki Airport from February, but on March 1, operations resumed for the first time in about a month.

Due to the drop in passengers due to the spread of the new corona infection, all domestic flights have been suspended from February 2 at Ibaraki Airport, but Skymark has seen a tendency to recover in demand for empty flights. As a result, from March 1st, all routes of Kobe, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Naha have resumed operations except for some flights.

Of these, about 70 people boarded the flight to Naha that departed from Ibaraki Airport after 11:00 am.

A woman returning to Okinawa with her five-month-old son said, "I couldn't go home while showing my child's face to my parents in Ibaraki Prefecture at the end of the year. I'm glad I was waiting for the flight to resume." I was talking.

Passengers were given souvenirs such as locally produced yogurt by airport staff and airline employees, and boarded the plane while being sent off.

Nobuaki Suzuki, Airport Countermeasures Supervisor of the Ibaraki Prefecture Sales Strategy Department, said, "I am relieved to be able to resume the operation.

While a flight in all flights of domestic flights from March 8 is resumed in Ibaraki Airport, international flights are not standing prospect of resumption.