Who will rescue the parents who are trapped in the "work vortex"

  On February 23, a news pop-up that "primary and secondary schools should not require parents to check and correct homework" made Cui Li (a pseudonym) shine.

Her daughter is in the first grade of a primary school in Beijing.

In the winter vacation that just passed, Cui Li was upset about her child's homework.

  In the six months since the child entered elementary school, Cui Li's life has undergone earth-shaking changes.

In the evening of the working day, the original rest time is taken up by the children's homework.

Cui Li tells her children what the homework is and how to complete it according to the content of the homework book every day. After completion, she checks and corrects the homework and signs the homework book.

  Today, this situation may change.

  At the press conference held by the Ministry of Education on February 23, Lu Yugang, the director of the Department of Basic Education, said that teachers in the class should seriously correct their homework, provide timely feedback, pay attention to strengthening the face-to-face commentary, carefully analyze the academic situation, and be Do a good job of answering questions and counseling students.

Do not assign or disguise assignments to parents, and do not require parents to check or correct homework.

Student’s homework, parent’s "burden"

  For homework, Cui Li and her children are occupied every night.

  "Every day, the children’s homework will be recorded in a special notebook according to the school’s arrangements, but many children are not able to understand, so we need to look at the book and tell them how to write. After finishing the homework, although the correction of homework is not a school’s requirement Yes, but parents have to check it. The classmates have no wrong questions, and we don’t want our children to have wrong questions. We are'forced' to correct the homework under this kind of "internal paper". Finally, the school requires parents every day Sign the notebook." Cui Li said.

  "Homework" is an eternal key word for primary and secondary school students and parents.

The "China Children’s Development Report (2019)" edited by the China Children’s Center shows that on school days, the average child’s out-of-school life time is allocated in the category that spends the most time doing homework (including school homework, extracurricular homework, parents Assigned homework, other homework), took up 87.85 minutes (of which school homework took up an average of 62 minutes), followed by outings (45.82 minutes), and the third is the use of electronic products (43.24 minutes).

  The report pointed out that with the improvement of the school period, children go to bed more and more later, get up earlier and earlier, sleep time, outdoor activities and play time are less and less, and more and more time do homework and use electronic products. , Academic pressure is increasing, the purpose of enrolling in extracurricular classes to strengthen learning is becoming more and more prominent, and independence is becoming stronger.

  Zhang Di (pseudonym) is the father of a second-year elementary school student in Hubei Province.

Speaking of the experience of tutoring children to do homework, he was also very helpless.

  "I don't understand why a second-grade elementary school student has so many homework. Because the child is young and does not understand the specific requirements of the homework, each homework has to be completed by the parent's guidance. Sometimes it is even busy until 10 o'clock in the evening. I want to help her with homework." Zhang Di said.

  During the winter vacation, the various forms of school homework also made Zhang Di "big head".

"Some are paintings, some are handwritten newspapers, some are video recordings, and some are forms that require parents to help their children complete the comparison, and then print them out for correction and signature. And maybe affected by the epidemic, some need paper version and some need electronic version. I want to sort out all winter vacation homework, which is equivalent to sorting out a set of documents and reports in the company." Zhang Di said dubiously.

Why does homework become a "burden" for parents?

  Not long ago, experts such as the director and professor of the Institute of Curriculum and Teaching of East China Normal University, Cui Yuntong, wrote an article that nowadays, the homework function of primary and middle school students has been changed, and it has become a means of pursuing "marks", punishing students, and passing on the pressure of classroom teaching.

"Sometimes, homework is alienated as a way to transfer the pressure of classroom teaching. In order to reduce the pressure of tight time and heavy tasks in classroom teaching, some teachers use the form of assigning extracurricular homework for students to take home and complete with the guidance of their parents."

  Ministry of Education: Parents shall not be required to check and correct homework

  At a press conference held by the Ministry of Education not long ago, the Ministry of Education made it clear that it is not allowed to assign or disguise assignments to parents, or require parents to check or correct homework.

  Lu Yugang said that schools in various places should improve the management methods of homework, strengthen the coordination of the work of subject groups and grade groups, and control the total amount of homework in strict accordance with regulations.

It is necessary to effectively improve the quality of homework design to ensure that the level of difficulty of the homework meets the actual needs of the students and must not exceed the requirements of the course standard; to incorporate the homework design into school-based teaching and research, and systematically design a complete set that conforms to the law of learning, reflects the orientation of quality education, and covers moral, intellectual, physical, and comprehensive Fundamental homework for educating people.

  "Encourage the assignment of hierarchical assignments, flexible assignments, and personalized assignments, pay attention to designing exploratory assignments, practical assignments, explore interdisciplinary assignments, comprehensive assignments, resolutely overcome mechanical and invalid assignments, and eliminate repetitive and punitive assignments." Lu Yugang Say.

  Lu Yugang clearly pointed out: "Conscientiously marking and correcting homework is where teachers fulfill their educational responsibilities and is also a basic requirement for education and teaching. We must give full play to homework to consolidate students’ learning achievements, teachers’ scientific evaluation, diagnosis of academic conditions, and effective implementation of individual talents. As an important means of teaching, teachers must earnestly do a good job in the correction of homework. This work must be implemented as the basic requirements and norms of teaching work."

  In addition, Lu Yugang said that it is necessary to reduce the burden on parents.

“Parents’ burden reduction involves two aspects. On the one hand, it does not increase the burden on parents. Parents cannot allow parents to supervise students to complete the homework in our school, nor can they ask parents to correct or approve homework. On the other hand, parents cannot Leave too many extra homework for students, including homework for off-campus training."

  This allowed Cui Li to see hope.

"I hope that this policy can be implemented as soon as possible, and maybe parents can really be freed from the kidnapped homework in the future."

How to control the total amount?

Job management is not easy

  How to control the total amount of work?

When answering questions from the media, Lu Yugang said that a publicity system for homework should be established in schools.

  "Controlling the total amount is the basis for reducing the burden of excessive homework for students. Schools should strengthen homework management and strengthen the coordination of the subject group and grade group on homework. Those who can't stay in Chinese, and those who stay in mathematics will be too much. , The school should reasonably control the structure and total amount of homework." Lu Yugang said.

  However, it is not easy to control the total amount of homework. Many front-line teachers said that who will coordinate the various subjects, who will keep the more and who will keep the less, and the relevant mechanisms need to be further improved.

  Liu Zixue, a teacher at No. 3 Middle School in Jingtai County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province, told China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily that “the school should have a complete set of homework management measures. From the current management of school homework at all levels and types, the main focus is on inspections. In this area, the contents of the inspection are clearly stipulated by the school and related institutions. The increasingly heavier homework burden of primary and secondary school students is precisely outside the scope of the inspection."

  Liu Zixue observed that these “hidden assignments” outside of school management include the concepts of science, the copying of knowledge points, various exercises printed inside and outside the school, unit tests, memorization of liberal arts texts, over-reading, and various Pre-study of subjects, etc.

  Liu Zixue believes that other tasks other than school inspections must be clarified.

For example, in the lower grades of elementary school, resolutely do not leave extracurricular homework; as for the preliminary study of middle school Chinese, it is not required to recite in advance; all other exercises are resolutely discarded.

"Take a multi-pronged approach, resolutely prevent teachers from arbitrarily arranging homework, and completely keep unnecessary homework out of school and home."

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Ye Yuting Source: China Youth Daily

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