At the end of last week, from the publication of the German edition of Handelsblatt (immediately, however, refuted by the US State Department, but somehow not very convincing, because the report on the European-Russian project, which the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken sent to Congress, is definitely a purely official document and is not subject to any refutation) it became known that Germany is nevertheless negotiating with the United States about the prospects for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline currently being completed.

And, according to Handelsblatt's version, the FRG government is currently considering four options for action that would make it possible to reach a compromise with the United States on a project that is vital for the European side.

According to the German edition, Berlin is considering the following "several options for action" (to be precise, there are exactly four of them): from the so-called "shutdown mechanism" through the "freeze of construction" to providing additional investment assistance to Ukraine.

But, to be honest, it is hard to believe in all these options - perhaps, with the exception of the last one, which sounds like "the fourth option - the continuation of the gas pipeline construction, despite the US threats": at least, in our unbiased opinion, it looks a little more realistic.

Simply because all the previous proposals - from the "American button" on the pipe going from Russia to Germany to the bribe conveyor for democratic Ukrainian corrupt officials - this is such a circus tent, which in a decent society is even somehow embarrassing to discuss.

As, by the way, the freezing of the construction of Nord Stream 2 "for an indefinite period" - for the duration of the negotiations between Germany and the United States of America.

Even somehow unfunny.

Excuse me, of course, but even Volodymyr Zelensky will not dare to make such "options".

For he, as is known from one official report of the native press service, is "not a sucker" - and this slogan still needs to be at least remotely, but consistent.

What is there to talk about much more rational Germans ...

So in this case, it makes more sense to agree with colleagues from the British press: there is no doubt that Germany is really working on a solution that should convince the administration of US President Joe Biden to abandon sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 project, as we did not have , and no.

At the moment, this is a very pressing issue, and not only for Germany, but also for the United States itself.

But still, to think that this decision would somehow coincide with the options listed by Handelsblatt would be somewhat, to put it mildly, unrealistic and reckless for any American authorities, be they at least four times Democrats.

And it's pretty silly not to understand.

Especially if we take into account the fact that the current US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has repeatedly made it clear that he does not want to impose restrictive measures against Germany because of the very slightly unfinished Nord Stream 2. And he considers it more important to find a diplomatic solution to the issue, including though would be purely stylistically not coinciding with Trump's arm-twisting of the Europeans under the slogan America First, which is permanently sounding and disdainful towards the allies.

And there is certainly some homely truth here: Europe is really seriously tired of the completely tactless pressure of the Americans.

And in matters of the construction of Nord Stream 2, it just as really has absolutely nowhere to retreat, and it is extremely foolish for the American side to drive allies into a corner: the negative consequences here can become more serious than the potential benefits.

These things are quite countable.

And the Americans, to their credit, are quite capable of counting.

Here something else is much more curious.

No one in the German, American, British, or any other press (digital or traditional) even considers the current clashes over Nord Stream 2 in the context of the confrontation with Russia.

It’s generally, as it were, put out of brackets, and we are now witnessing a distilled pure conflict between the Anglo-Saxon world and continental Europe.

In fact - the United States and Germany.

And no one even tries to encrypt it from anyone.

Russia turns out to be in this configuration, albeit strongly interested, but still more of an observer - a phenomenon, in general, not new (we can easily refer the curious to the beginning of those times when the United States suddenly began to buy for its own needs the forbidden and “undemocratic "Russian gas for Europeans), but this is perhaps the first time it has been issued so frankly.

And, let's be completely frank, the Russian Federation has reasons to distance itself even more from all this disgrace, we must give it its due, there is still.

It's simple: the situation in the world at the start of the construction of the gas pipeline and the situation in the world today are not even just two different situations.

These are, in fact, two different worlds.

First, the project has completely lost its political and integration component: now, if they talk about “Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” it is only with sad irony.

Therefore, Angela Merkel is absolutely right: at the moment, Nord Stream 2, not only for Germany, but also for Russia itself, is a purely commercial project, and not even the main one in the industry.

In which now, in general, a lot of interesting things are happening.

The simplest example is just the other day Russian Novatek Gas & Power Asia Pte.


and the Chinese Shenergy Group signed a long-term LNG sale and purchase agreement for the Arctic LNG - 2 project.

The total volume of supplies under the contract is more than 3 million tons, the resource base is the same as that of the pipeline gas, which is planned to be supplied through Nord Stream 2. The same Russian Yamal.

And from there, from Yamal, gas will go to western, mainland China under the Power of Siberia-2 project, which is being prepared for implementation.

And now someone seriously thinks that the gas intended for Nord Stream 2, if the project is not implemented, the Russians will really have nowhere to sell under the new conditions?

Do not make me laugh.

It will be enough just to radically increase the capacity of the already under construction LNG plant in the Baltic Ust-Luga - and the same Europeans will buy this LNG, since the transport leg is short.

Only for a slightly different price.

Thus, with our status, if you will, everything is clear in this confrontation: we are a really interested observer here.

There is no need to hide this: the European markets, where we have been supplying pipeline gas for decades, are really more than interesting to us.

These are the so-called traditional markets, and they are appreciated.

But Nord Stream 2 is not only more important to Europe than to us - it is really vital for them (unlike us).

For us, this is a matter of deliveries to traditional markets.

For them, it is a question of the energy security of the industrial heart of the eurozone.

And we just have to admit for a long time: the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is much more European than a Russian project.

And that is why Russia is not very eager, slowly fulfilling its part of the treaty obligations on the technical completion of the gas pipeline construction, to get involved in this emerging German-American economic confrontation.

How not very eager again to habitually drag for Europeans chestnuts from the flaring fire of the German-American energy - cold in every sense of the word, given the weather conditions - war.

No, we certainly sympathize with the Europeans and sincerely root for them in this sense.

But, excuse me, this is still, guys, a little bit not our war.

The author's point of view may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.