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She had experienced a real ordeal, in the early morning of September 16, 2018 in the parking lot of the nightclub "Le Carpe Diem" in Balma, east of Toulouse.

The young woman, aged 19 at the time, had been raped by several men.

A sexual assault filmed and broadcast on social networks, quickly reported to the Pharos platform.

His four alleged rapists are tried from this Monday by the Criminal Court of Haute-Garonne.

Immediately after the events, these young people from the suburbs of the Pink City, aged 19 to 25, fled to Spain or Morocco, sometimes after being threatened with death on social networks.

Investigators from the research section (SR) of the Toulouse gendarmerie had quickly identified them and, a month after the incident, the first police custody had taken place.

The latter had been identified thanks to the captures of video images and the telephony, then confused by the analyzes of DNA traces on the clothes of the young woman.

On one of the videos posted on Snapchat, one of the men filming the scene says to one of the alleged assailants, "Stop it, it's rape."

Behind closed doors

During her testimony, the young woman told the gendarmes that she felt like "a toy, a puppet in the middle of arguing children."

That night, she had gone to Carpe Diem with her boyfriend and another couple and had consumed joints and cocktails combining alcohol and energy drink.

"She is a young girl who was not used to nightlife, she had been drinking, she was the victim of predators, who knew how to perceive her fragility, her vulnerability", denounces her lawyer, Ravyn Issa.

“She has trouble remembering how she ended up in the parking lot.

Then, her refusal is clear, we see on the images that she is pulled by the hair, carried at arm's length, maintained during the act ”, continues her lawyer.

For their part, the defendants minimize their participation in the assault, deny having raped it or claim that the sexual relations were consensual.

One of them says that the first sexual relationship between the young woman and three of the four accused was consented, before it degenerated into rape, in which he did not participate, explains his lawyer Robin Sénié-Delon, who will plead for him non-assistance to a person in danger.

For the latter, "all those who participated in the rape are not in the box," he adds.

The trial is expected to take place behind closed doors, at the request of the victim.


Toulouse: Two people indicted in the rape case filmed and broadcast on social networks


Toulouse: After the collective rape of a woman, filmed and broadcast, open judicial information

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