The empty promenade des Anglais, in Nice, February 27, 2021, during the localized and partial confined weekend -

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  • Of the 21,500 people checked this weekend in coastal towns in local and partial confinement, 1,212 verbalizations were issued by the police.

  • In the Alpes-Maritimes, 58,027 people were vaccinated.

  • The goal is that by the end of March, all people over 75 years old will be vaccinated, that is to say 135,000 Maralpins.

After two months of curfew and a first weekend of localized confinement, the time has come to take stock.

Compliance with new restrictions, hospital and vaccination situation,

20 Minutes

takes stock of the Covid-19 epidemic in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Review of the weekend confined to the 63 municipalities of the Riviera coast

"In general, the rules have been respected", announced this Monday Bernard Gonzalez, the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, taking stock of the checks carried out during the weekend by the police.

"Of the 21,500 people who were checked, 1,212 were fined for not wearing a mask or failing to comply with confinement, ie a rate of 5.6%," he said.

In Nice, 448 reports were drawn up for lack of certification, 161 for non-wearing of the mask, 22 for banning from driving on the south sidewalk of the promenade des Anglais and 14 for non-compliance with the cover. fire.

"We are doing everything to avoid generalized confinement," said the prefect.

This is my fight and I fight against it every day.

We have to keep the curfew every day, we have to hold the lockdown next weekend.

I cannot say what the situation will be after, for the moment we are fighting to help the medical profession ”.

"Worrisome" indicators and reinforcements in hospitals

With an incidence rate still three times higher than the national average (617 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants on Friday against 222 nationally), health indicators remain "worrying" for the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Paca.

In Nice, it reached 801 last Wednesday.

The positivity rate, the percentage of positive cases compared to the number of people tested, is 10.6% against 7.6% nationally.

Note that the department has a large number of people being tested, "one of the highest rates in France", according to Romain Alexandre, the departmental director of the ARS.

He specifies that the incidence rate is sharply increasing for people aged 0 to 20 years while for populations over 80 years, "there is a marked decrease".

It should be noted that reinforcements of nursing staff have been sent to the Nice University Hospital as well as to Antibes.

"We are staying at level 4," says the department director of the ARS.

We follow the development day by day.

For the moment, we remain with the suspensions of operations with this echelon.

At level 5, it will be deprogramming, like what happened in April and last ”.

More than 120 people are in intensive care.

Last week, twelve patients were transferred to hospitals in Brittany and three to Marseille.

Target 135,000 people vaccinated by the end of March

The “acceleration of vaccinations” component is in place in the department according to the prefecture.

"The goal is for all people over 75 to be vaccinated at the end of March and then move on to new age groups, such as 65-75 years old," said Benoît Huber, chef cabinet.

Currently, 58,027 Maralpins have been vaccinated.

The three vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and now AstraZeneca are distributed in the department.

Professor Milou-Daniel Drici, head of the regional pharmacovigilance center Nice-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur assured that the symptoms due to the injection of AstraZeneca were "only transient" and "that they passed into taking paracetamol ”.

"It is by vaccination that we will get out," he concluded.

For Romain Alexandre, in addition to a curfew and confinement, "it is above all essential to respect barrier gestures and to be very vigilant when in contact with others in order to be able to overcome this crisis ”.


With the new restrictions, "the pedagogy is over, we sanction", warn the Nice police


The triggering of level 5 of the health alert is requested in Nice

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