Park Si-eun and Jin Tae-hyun delivered the news of the miscarriage.

On the 1st of SBS's'Bronze Dream Season 2-You are My Destiny' (hereinafter'Bronze Dream 2'), actor Jin Tae-hyun and Park Si-eun couple delivered a heartbreaking news to the homecoming special feature.

In the broadcast that day, Park Si-eun said, "As a result of trying to have a child last year, I unexpectedly became pregnant. I learned this in early December." One soft line that I saw was created.

Jin Tae-hyun said, "As soon as I heard the news, I thought it would be great to have a daughter who resembles my wife." I liked this feeling so much,” he said.

Next, Park Si-eun said, "I heard sad news around the end of December. It was said that it was a mountain stream. I asked to watch for another week, but in early January, unfortunately, I had a miscarriage."

The prenatal diary, filled with excitement and anticipation, said goodbye to Apple on January 5.

Park Si-eun left a note in her prenatal diary, "Goodbye, Apple," and Jin Tae-hyun shed tears when she saw it.

He felt heartbreaking, saying, "I've never seen my wife write that like that in the journal for the first time."

Jin Tae-hyun said, "It wasn't anyone's fault, and the baby decided that he wasn't big enough, and he was in a state that he couldn't meet his mother and father. But that was a feeling that couldn't be explained."

Park Si-eun said, "Actually, I pretended to be okay, but I barely put up with my emotions crying. Then I cried while taking a shower alone. I was very happy and sorry. I'm okay now, but since I'm talking, I cry again."

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)