Two Americans talk about their homeland and their identity.

One is from New Jersey, one from Hawaii.

Barack Obama says, “A nice boy from New Jersey doesn't have to be an outsider.” Bruce Springsteen says, “My father worked when he could, but he was mentally ill.

What made us different. ”Obama says,“ My father was an African student in Honolulu. ”Springsteen says,“ Anyone who talks about race must deconstruct the myth of the melting pot. ”

"Renegades: Born in the USA" is the name of Springsteens and Obama's podcast, two out of eight hours are already running on Spotify.

"I'm the president, but he's the boss," was one of Obama's running gags when Springsteen campaigned for him or appeared in the White House.

Now they're chatting at Springsteen's property, but Obama is the host.

A former president who now leads a pop star existence on Spotify and Netflix meets a presidential pop star who sing anthems like "Death of My Hometown" in ballpark.

But that's not the point.

"Renegades" is a relaxed chat between an educated upstart of the middle class with a black father and one who has escaped the white trash, the white lower class.

Who is the bigger outsider?


Springsteen says, “When you went south, you had to be able to play soul.

That was just the nature of rock 'n' roll. ”Obama asks,“ How did you do that? ”Springsteen says,“ You immersed yourself in the music, in the African American culture.

The black children were envied. ”Obama asks,“ What were they envied for? ”Springsteen says,“ They looked chic. ”It's not a conversation.

A president asks his singer to tell his own story.

"He just has to loosen up"

The sonorous voice of Barack Obama is now addressing the nation and the rest of the world via Spotify, while America tries to make sense of the past four years: “We share the belief in the American idea and the compass for hard work that lies ahead of us. "

Regarding Springsteen, Obama said of Springsteen: "I remember thinking: He's very reserved, almost shy." Springsteen laughs.

Obama says, “We had a nice, but not a deep conversation.” Springsteen says, “No.” Obama says, “I thought: He just needs to loosen up a little.” Springsteen says, “I don't know if that is with them most people I know is like that, but they are not infrequently silent.

If they weren't so shy, they wouldn't have had to look so desperately for their voice.

You know? "Obama says," Yes. "Springsteen says," My people didn't have a voice, they just had their pain. "


Bruce Springsteen then sings "My Hometown" about his small town in New Jersey, which was not nearly as nice as Barack Obama imagines it to be.

He, the singer, is the wiser of the two.

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