It is reported that former short track player Kim Dong-sung tried to make an extreme choice.

On the 28th, YTN reported, "Kim Dongsung tried to make an extreme choice at his home in Sanghyeon-dong, Yongin-si, around 3pm on the 27th."

The media said, "Kim Dong-sung was transported to the hospital by 119 paramedics who had been reported and dispatched, and it was confirmed that there was no harm to life."

It is known that Kim Dong-sung expressed his regret for failing to pay child support expenses and the emotional pain of excessive exposure to private life through an article left before the extreme choice.

After a divorce with his wife in December 2018, Kim Dong-sung had not paid child support expenses for his two children, but was exposed to excommunication, such as being listed on the Bad Fathers site.

Recently, a YouTuber has caused controversy by revealing the Kakao Talk exchange between Kim Dong-sung and a female teacher who is suspected of maintaining an inappropriate relationship with Kim Dong-sung since 2019.

Kim Dong-sung appeared in the TV Chosun entertainment show'We Got Divorced' saying that he will cover child support expenses with his girlfriend Min-jung, who is about to marry again.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)