A 41-year-old woman who died in a housing complex in Kunitachi, Tokyo last November after falling from the 9th floor was found to have been strangled and pushed down in a subsequent investigation, and the Metropolitan Police Department said it was 44 years old. I arrested my husband on suspicion of murder.

At that time, the husband said, "My wife seems to have committed suicide," so the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.

The husband is denying the charges.

Last November, it was found that Manatsu Takahari (41), who lives in this room, had fallen and died from the balcony on the 9th floor of an apartment complex in Kunitachi, Tokyo.

When the Metropolitan Police Department examined the body in detail, it was found that it was strangled, and I was investigating it by listening to the situation from my husband, a company employee, Jun Takahari (44), who was with me at the time.

According to the investigators, he initially explained, "I slept with my child after having an argument with my wife. My wife seems to have jumped by herself." It means that there was a contradiction with the image of the security camera.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested Mr. Takahari on suspicion of murder today, alleging that he had squeezed Mr. Manatsu and tried to raise his consciousness and then pushed him down from the 9th floor.

In the future, I will investigate the detailed history of that time.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, they have denied the charges against the investigation.

A woman in the neighborhood "The investigator drops the doll many times and investigates it."

A 62-year-old woman living in the condominium where the incident occurred said, "The day after the woman died, an investigator from the Metropolitan Police Department came and said,'There is a person who has fallen from the condominium and is checking the detailed situation. Wasn't it? ”After that, the investigator seemed to be recreating the situation at that time, such as dropping the doll from the room on the 9th floor many times.”