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The emergency services could not do anything.

A 57-year-old man was fatally attacked by a shark on Sunday at midday while swimming in New Caledonia, Civil Security said.

According to the first information available, the victim is a boater who was swimming near his boat, anchored off the islet Maitre.

“According to witnesses, the man was bitten in the leg by a shark of about 4 meters.

He had died on arrival of the assistance dispatched by helicopter ”, indicated an agent of the Civil security.

According to the site

Les Nouvelles-Calédoniennes

, he allegedly had his leg torn off and died of cardiac arrest.

Twenty minutes from Nouméa, the Îlot Maitre, which hosts hotels, restaurants and water sports, is very busy on weekends.

The attack took place a few tens of meters from the seaside, which was evacuated by firefighters.

The town hall of Nouméa has issued a decree prohibiting swimming and nautical activities in the strip of coastline of 300 meters around the islet until Monday inclusive.

The other beaches have not been closed but the municipality called on bathers "to be very vigilant".


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