On March 1, today (1st), heavy snow will pour in Yeongdong area along with rain news all over the country.

Currently, heavy rain of over 17mm per hour is falling on Jeju Samgakbong Peak, and strong rain of over 6mm per hour is also falling in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

This rain will expand to the whole country in the morning, especially in the eastern part of Gyeonggi Province, Gangwon, and the mountains of Jeju. Heavy snow of up to 50 cm or more will pour into the area.

In the central region, there will be places where gusts, thunder and lightning strikes, and the east coast and Jeju will have strong winds.

Most of this rain will stop in the morning of tomorrow, but snow in the east will continue a little more until tomorrow afternoon.

(Ahn Su-jin, weather caster)