[Explanation] In recent years, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province has attached great importance to the construction of digital villages. The May Fourth Village is a typical example of the construction of digital villages in Deqing.

On the eve of the two sessions, the reporter came to May Fourth Village and learned about the current progress and key elements of the digital construction of May Fourth Village through village visits and interviews with the National People’s Congress representative, Deqing County May Fourth Village Director and Village Secretary Sun Guowen. .     

  [Concurrent] Sun Guowen, deputy to the National People's Congress, director and secretary of Wusi Village, Deqing County    

  Because the National Two Sessions are about to be held, my concern is the digital village.

‍‍Then digital village I think from the source, in terms of technology, the enterprise is the most critical step for our technical support. Because we have a lot of things to do at the grassroots level, we may need to do our technology well through the enterprise. Support firmly.    

  [Explanation] To take the road of digital revitalization in rural areas, the assistance of technology companies is the top priority.

As the main technology supplier for the digital construction of Wusi Village, Zhejiang Zhonghaida Space Information Technology Co., Ltd. was an important stop for Sun Guowen to visit before the two sessions. Zhonghaida Chairman Wu Wenrong said that it will continue to provide better solutions for the digital construction of Wusi Village. Technical Support.    

  [Concurrent] Wu Wenrong, Chairman of Zhejiang Zhonghaida Space Information Technology Co., Ltd.    

  We started to innovate the construction of digital villages in 2019, so we started as a pilot in Wusi Village. Our version 1.0 is mainly to solve the problem of rural governance. We can visualize this digital village in three dimensions through geographic information technology. .

We are now planning for 2.0, so the main thing is to solve the problems of rural construction and agriculture in rural areas.

Medical insurance, including public bill processing for water and electricity, can all be resolved on the platform.    

  [Explanation] Rural digitalization has brought real convenience to the people in the village.

"Sky Eyes" spread all over the streets to ensure transportation, online review of villagers' land, and health data testing of rural health stations, etc., to achieve a comprehensive range of convenience and efficiency for food, clothing, housing and transportation.

At the same time, in the process of the application of digital technology, new demands and problems will inevitably arise.     

  [Concurrent] Sun Guowen, deputy to the National People's Congress, village director and village secretary of Wusi Village, Deqing County

  From our rural management, rural services, and rural environment, according to some of the urgent needs of our grassroots, they are designing and researching. I think the use is very good.

After we use our own, we also see that there may be deficiencies in some places, or we ordinary people have some requirements for greater needs.

For example, my agricultural product, its drip irrigation water, for example, it has sunshine and temperature, right?

‍‍It must be matched.

‍‍If you need water the most, can this equipment be sprayed according to our requirements? This is a relatively high-tech one.

[Explanation] Regarding the future development direction of rural digitalization, Sun Guowen believes that in the process of cooperation and development between villages and enterprises, extensively listening to villagers’ opinions and timely summarizing problems and feedback to enterprises are necessary to ensure the correct direction of rural digital construction and optimization and precision. the road.  

  [Concurrent] Sun Guowen, deputy to the National People's Congress, director and secretary of Wusi Village, Deqing County    

  The farmer is really your high-tech product after it comes out, it is the user, then he has the most say in the application.

So I also bring the people in practice. In the picture of this big data platform, we will reflect some of what they need to this company, and let the company study it in a deeper level. Come up with more scientific and more reasonable high-tech products to increase income for the people.

  (Reported by Shen Yishan and Zang Chengeng in Huzhou, Zhejiang)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】