The first stranded sperm whale was found in the Bohai Sea!

Plan to make plasticized specimens to stay in Dalian

  Recently, a stranded sperm whale was found in the waters of Changxing Island in Dalian City. This is the first time a sperm whale has appeared in the Bohai Sea since records.

It was identified by marine biology experts as an adult male sperm whale.

The whale is about 18 meters long and weighs approximately 40 tons after being salvaged.

Sperm whales are classified as Class I protected animals in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Fishing is prohibited. It is very rare to find stranded sperm whales.

  After the sperm whale was salvaged and landed, the Dalian Public Cultural Service Center invited Dr. Sui Hongjin, director of the Anatomy Department of Dalian Medical University and founder of the Mystery of Life Museum, to check its status.

  According to Sui Hongjin, “The reason why this sperm whale appeared in the Bohai Sea must be from tracking food. This shows that marine governance has achieved remarkable results in recent years, and the marine biodiversity and marine environment have been improved.” Regarding the cause of death, Sui Hongjin said, "There are many factors in the death of the sperm whale. At present, there is no obvious wound on the outside of this whale, so it is difficult to judge."

  What is the value of a dead whale?

In this regard, Sui Hongjin said that a dead whale has high scientific research value, which can be used for exploration in marine science and biological science, and can also be used for exhibitions.

A whale stranded in the offshore waters is completely different from the commonly heard "one whale falls, all things live". "One whale falls, all things live" means that when a whale dies in the sea, its carcass will sink to the bottom of the sea and break down into An ecological cycle system that can support the growth of all things for nearly a hundred years, but this can only be formed in the deep sea area. If in the offshore area, a whale weighing tens of tons will cause biological pollution in the offshore waters. Therefore, for environmental protection considerations, it must be disposed of immediately .

"The death of the whale makes us feel sorry, but by chance, it ran aground in Dalian waters. It should be said that this is a gift from nature to Dalian. Sperm whale is a precious marine resource. Preserving it is important for us to understand the ocean and understand this. This is a mysterious deep-sea monster, which is of great significance to popularize marine science and biological knowledge. At present, there are mature biotechnology and mature cases. We can bio-plasticize it and present a sperm whale to the public in its entirety. Learn about marine life up close." Sui Hongjin said.

  It is reported that the stranded sperm whale will stay in Dalian for scientific research and exhibitions after research by relevant departments in Dalian. At present, the Dalian Public Cultural Service Center has transported sperm whales to professional biotechnology institutions for emergency disposal. The next step will be to apply for collection permits to relevant state departments in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures for wildlife protection, and to carry out marine scientific research around them and plan production The plasticized specimens were publicly displayed in the Dalian Natural History Museum to popularize marine knowledge and promote marine culture. (Headquarters CCTV reporter Huang Lu and Jia Tiesheng)