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Shorouk Shoukry: I am interested in providing a fresh look and purposeful messages

To thank: "I always feel happy to present the true bright image of my country, the Emirates."

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Rich experiences and multiple successes achieved by Emirati media Shurooq Shukri, after nine years of working in visual media, which she entered to Shukry after her graduation from the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University in 2012, and won the Media Excellence Award in the field of television, for the best television investigative investigation on Harmful energy drinks mixed with colors on children »in 2018, in addition to their involvement in many volunteer work and community participation.

To my thanks, in an interview with Emirates Today, I stopped at the experience of her primary work as a reporter at the News Center of the Dubai Media Corporation, and recently practiced coverage of public events such as the National Day event and the "Hope Probe" event, which she considers to thank the most important media experience in her career. The media at all, given that it undertook the task of covering this exceptional event from the Burj Khalifa, which witnessed the official celebration of the success of the probe to Mars, and the registration of the name of the Emirates and the Arabs in the record of the scientific achievements of this century, saying: “I always feel happy to present the true bright image of the nation of the Emirates, as well as I am attracted by the experience of highlighting the important tourist aspects and the human and urban monuments that this country abounds in, such as the coverage that I provided a while ago by helicopter, which was a tour highlighting the most important features that the beautiful city of Dubai is proud of.

«Show ranking»

In a related development, my thanksgiving endeavor to join the ranks of the new media through the portal of social media platforms has not subsided, to start directing its targeted messages to the youth audience, which has targeted it greatly in the "Show Arrangement" program on the YouTube platform, and the contents of its episodes were promoted through short clips. Broadcast on the platform «Instagram», and about this new step, she said: “My participation in youth councils led me to engage in this innovative type of digital program.”

Regarding the echoes achieved by the new digital program, Shurooq emphasized that it is characterized by a new style of presentation and a dynamic and spontaneous rhythm, commensurate with the youthful audience of YouTube, which contributed to raising the rates of public follow-ups for its various episodes, “For example, one of the episodes received a digital follow-up that exceeded 173,000 Watch, and this is an important number that encouraged us to shoot most of the episodes of the first season, which we are preparing today to film the last of its episodes.

On the other hand, and in reference to the details of this new experience, which Shurooq was enthusiastic about and added to all of her current professional preoccupations at the News Center, she confirmed to Shukry: “I am proud of this experience, in which I learned the value of accuracy and adherence to filming dates, and the importance of time management between my primary work in the center. News, and my responsibilities related to the new program, which I hope will continue in the coming seasons, if sponsors are available.

Digital window

Shorouk described her experience with social media as good, energetic and reflective of many aspects of her personality, saying: “Whoever follows me will find in my (Instagram) account many news coverage and media materials, and some details of the trips that I have taken, which are of interest to young people and the pioneers of tourism and travel. And adventures », stressing her constant eagerness to provide documented information, and a permanent commitment to reflect her professional responsibility.

• "Show arrangement" taught me the accuracy and adherence to the filming dates.

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