She had her wedding two days before her expected death from cancer

A bride held her dream wedding just two days before she died of cancer, and painful pictures of her beside her groom overwhelmed with happiness.

In 2018, doctors diagnosed a rare type of cancer called Ewing's sarcoma, which affects the bones and soft tissues around them.

Although her groom knows that she has little time left and will not live long, they decided to hold the wedding that the bride dreams of with the love of her life as a way to bid farewell to her family and friends.

The 26-year-old bride has been battling a rare cancer since May 2018 when she was first diagnosed, but despite various treatments, she was unable to cope with the disease.

By the time of the wedding, the bride from the Brazilian municipality of Uniao da Vitoria was taking up to 10 morphine pills per day, but fortunately, she found love more comfortable for her in these difficult times.

She met her 28-year-old groom, Rowan Pablo de Lara, online only last year, and he offered to marry her on the spot.