Actor Choi Ji-woo started SNS.

Choi Ji-woo recently created his own social media account and posted a photo with the article "Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a healthier and carefree year."

It was a picture taken with my daughter and dog.

The little chubby baby was holding Choi Ji-woo's hand tightly.

Although I could only see the profile, it was lovely enough.

The celebrity colleague also responded happily to the photo of her daughter Choi Ji-woo posted.

Shin Ae-ra left a comment, "Agu Ipoi-po♡", and Yang Mi-ra expressed her good feeling with the comment "Kak♥".

Choi Ji-woo left a big comment saying, "Child-raising comrade~ High" in the comment.

Choi Ji-woo married a non-celebrity man who was 9 years younger than in 2018.

In May 2020, she gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 46.

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)