Athletic sideburns

The problem of foreign players and residents

Abdullah Al Kaabi

February 27, 2021

Despite the great competition between the Sharjah and Al Jazira teams for the league championship, the technical level of the league is technically weak, and the main problem lies in the randomness of contracts, whether for foreign players or residents, until some clubs incur debts due to random contracts, and some players have become dependent on their clubs.

In the end, our clubs spend millions, and the payoff is zero.


Choosing the foreign player is often done without the knowledge of some coaches.

The resident also turned into a problem and a bug, as most clubs did not succeed, and did not exploit this important field, and everyone knows that our clubs have the right to register a foreign player in a resident dress, but imagine if one of our clubs used to register players (4 Super) and (foreign residents), how What will the team or league form?

Every year we make the same mistake, and in the same random scenario of choices, and the reason is people who want to advance their interests at the expense of the club's interest, with substandard foreign players and residing on the bench, and the reasons are many.

In general, our clubs must form committees to select foreign players and residents, and consult the coach in every small and large scale, because, according to my information, the foreign player is often chosen without the knowledge of some coaches, as some administrations impose foreigners and residents without the knowledge of the technical staff.

Sharjah is going through a big crisis, after it has been out of all the season’s championships, and only the league remains, and even this competition is threatened for him, in light of the ongoing conflict with other teams.

The question that imposes itself: Who will bear this decline?

And why does the team depend on Igor only ?!

Are there administrative problems that affected the team, although some demanded a change of coach Al-Amry ?!

Al Wasl player Fabio de Lima continues to innovate with Emperor Al Waslawi led by Hillman, and frankly, Al Wasl's return enriches the league championship, as Al Wasl is a distinguished team, and it needs the tools in the next season until it returns to its previous era, on the condition that the distinguished technical staff continue.

Al-Ahly youth coach Mahdi Ali, who brought the team back to the fore again, is a few statements, and he is in front of a big final date in the President's Cup competition, so Mahdi Ali has rediscovered Al-Ahly youth again, in terms of employing players, raising their fitness rate, as well as discipline The tactical characteristic of Mahdi.

Refereeing errors are many, and our referees must focus in the next rounds, because we are facing hot and decisive matches, and the problem that still exists is the failure to use the (mouse) technology correctly.

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