Sufficient supply of 94,000 new houses for sale in Beijing

  "Competitive housing" and shared property housing accounted for over 40%

  Our reporter Zhao Yingying

  The 2021 Spring Festival holiday when more than 60 properties are "not closed" puts the Beijing property market in a relatively active period of trading compared to previous years.

There are more people buying houses, will there be a situation where demand exceeds supply?

Some buyers can't help but have such questions.

  Yesterday, the Municipal Housing and Construction Commission announced a set of data.

Up to now, there are approximately 94,000 new commercial housing units available for sale on the market, including 28,000 "competitive housing units" and 14,000 units of shared property housing.

In addition, there are about 150,000 commercial houses in transit that have not yet started construction and have not yet entered the market, which can provide a strong guarantee for meeting the housing needs of families with just-needed needs.

  ●Over 60 real estates will not close during the Spring Festival

  "Happy New Year to you. The 7-day Spring Festival holiday is not closed. Please make an appointment in advance." On the 30th afternoon of the Lunar New Year, the citizen Ms. Li received a "special" New Year greeting message, and the sender was Sunac Xiangshan No.1 Courtyard A salesperson, while sending his blessings, he did not forget to remind him that the sales office is open all day during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, and appointments can be made for viewings.

  In addition to shopping malls and movie theaters, Beijing's property market also shouted the slogan "No Closing for the Spring Festival in 2021".

According to agency statistics, there are more than 60 real estates in Beijing that are not closed during the small and long holidays. New Year discounts are 96% off, one-off houses, 300 special houses, and self-purchasing rights are reduced...In order to attract house buyers, major developers have also Launched a variety of preferential activities.

  Some analysts say that the group responding to the call to stay in Beijing for the "Chinese New Year in situ" has opened a window for developers. The Spring Festival in 2021 is a good time to sell a house.

According to feedback after the engagement, compared with the “freezing point” state that was basically suspended in the past, house inspections were relatively active during the Spring Festival holiday this year.

Several new discs have stated that the number of visiting customers during the Spring Festival breaks through 100 groups, and the most can reach 215 groups.

From the perspective of transaction data, despite the suspension of online commercial housing in Beijing during the Spring Festival, from February 18 to February 24 after the holiday, 894 newly-built commercial residential buildings achieved online signing, compared with the same period in 2020 and the same period in 2019. There has been a significant increase, and the "off-season is not weak."

  ●There are about 150,000 houses in transit

  "If there are more buyers and the demand is large, the inventory will be relatively reduced. If there is a shortage of demand, won't house prices have to rise?" Seeing the news of the hot spring festival property market, some buyers asked questions.

  How much inventory does Beijing’s new house market have?

Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released the latest data: As of now, about 94,000 new commercial housing units are available for sale on the market, including 28,000 "competitive housing units" and 14,000 units of shared property housing, accounting for 29.8% and 14.9%.

This also means that about 45% of the new housing listings currently available on the market are those whose average selling price has been determined and cannot be increased randomly.

  "Since 2017, Beijing has continued to maintain an average annual pace of about 85,000 new commercial housing units, and has generally formed a 5:3:2 supply pattern of "competitive housing", shared property housing, and ordinary commercial housing." The relevant person in charge of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Committee said that according to estimates, there are still about 16 million square meters of commercial housing in transit, about 150,000 units, that have not yet started construction and have not yet entered the market.

"The inventory of new houses is sufficient, which can provide a strong guarantee for meeting the housing needs of families in need."

  At the same time, the scale of land supply for commercial housing in Beijing this year will not decrease, and the supply structure will still be further optimized.

According to reports, Beijing will complete the supply of no less than 300 hectares of commercial housing this year, and increase the supply of shared property housing; increase the supply of public rental housing, collective rental housing and other affordable rental housing, which is listed separately in the land supply plan; The spatial layout is more optimized, and the key supply is in areas with high demand, rail transit and other supporting facilities; in hot areas and land parcels, the land transfer method of "limiting land prices, competing for the government's share of property rights, and competing for high-quality plans" is introduced to guide Enterprises purchase land rationally.

  ●Stricter credit supervision market is expected to stabilize

  On the 23rd, the National Bureau of Statistics released data on housing prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities in January 2021. The prices of new and second-hand houses in the four first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have both increased from the previous month.

In addition to the release of demand for housing in school districts and the "new wave" stimulus, illegal entry of business loans into the property market is seen as the main factor driving up housing prices.

  “In fact, after the intensive introduction of control policies in many cities in late January, the property market has cooled down in February.” According to Xu Xiaole, chief market analyst of the Shell Research Institute, the main battlefield of real estate market regulation has shifted to the financial and credit field and strengthened The supervision of house purchase funds will effectively curb the entry of investors and stabilize the market's bullish expectations.

Regarding whether the property market transactions in March will reach a new high, industry insiders believe that as long as the illegal entry of operating loans into the property market is managed, the market is expected to return to stability.

  The Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development reiterated that Beijing will always maintain its firm confidence and determination to stabilize land prices, house prices, and expectations, support reasonable housing demand, and encourage gradual consumption after renting and buying; resolutely curb and accurately combat malicious speculation in school district housing. Investigate and deal with the illegal use of credit funds to purchase houses.