The shipment volume of the new crown vaccine has risen, and the whole process of video surveillance and verification is implemented to ensure the outbound transportation.

New crown vaccine shipments increase, airport full video surveillance

  On February 19, the new crown vaccine aided by the Chinese government to Belarus arrived in the Belarusian capital Minsk.

China's new crown vaccine is flying to more countries around the world.

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Capital Airport Ground Service Company that from January to February 24 this year, a total of 52 votes and 571 tons of new crown vaccine "goed to sea" from here.

Full-process video surveillance, full-process verification... In order to cope with the rising volume of new crown vaccine shipments, a series of VIP-level dedicated "butler" services have been "on duty."

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  The number of vaccine "freezers" shipped doubled

  After the Spring Festival this year, the amount of new crown vaccine "going to sea" continued to rise.

From January to February 24, 2021, the Capital Airport Ground Service Company guarantees the transportation of 1989 new crown vaccines, 571 tons, and 52 votes, involving 27 countries, including the UAE, Russia, Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan, Senegal, Serbia, and Zimbabwe Wait.

  From the beginning of the shipment of vaccines to December last year, in a few months, the company guaranteed the shipment of the new crown vaccine totaling 2,236 pieces, 230 tons, and 29 votes, involving 6 countries.

  In the warehouse of the Capital Airport Ground Service Company, the staff has added a dedicated storage area of ​​nearly 600 square meters and is equipped with a 24-hour large-capacity charging device to park the "large freezer" for the transportation of the new crown vaccine. This "large freezer" It is currently the most high-end medical air transport cold chain container in the world, that is, an active temperature control box.

  Compared with what the reporter saw during an interview in the second half of last year, there are now a lot more temperature control boxes in the warehouse.

"At the peak of last year's transportation, there were more than a dozen temperature-controlled boxes. We felt that there were a lot at that time, but now there are more." said Chen Xin, manager of the international business division of the freight department of the ground service company, February 24 , There are 34 temperature-controlled boxes containing vaccines, and 3 vaccine charter flights leaving Hong Kong on the same day, reaching 5.4 million doses.

  Warehouse monitoring has no dead ends to prevent omissions

  Fu Chunlei is the head of the freight cold chain operation group of the ground service company.

The group was established last year, its purpose is to deal with the increasing pressure of the new crown vaccine air cargo, the main task is to serve the new crown vaccine in the "big freezer".

  According to reports, all team members have undergone professional training. The training items include temperature-controlled goods rules, fresh and perishable rules, dangerous goods rules, and temperature-controlled box management.

With the increase in vaccine shipments, the operation team launched a series of VIP-level dedicated "butler" services.

  Fu Chunlei introduced that a complete information linkage mechanism has been established.

"Before the vaccine arrives at the cargo station, we will fully understand the quantity and weight of the vaccine from the airline or relevant agency responsible for the transportation of the vaccine, and prepare for the parking of the container and temperature control box in advance. Special personnel will track the transportation situation throughout the chain. There are no omissions in every link, so as to ensure that outbound transportation is foolproof."

  "Temperature control box inspection, cargo handover point inspection, tracking list inspection, double review, full shooting... Vaccine cargo is very important. There are no blind spots in the warehouse video surveillance, which is convenient for future file inspections and prevent omissions. At the same time, we also fixed Improve the operating personnel, increase the operating speed, and reduce the risk factors." Fu Chunlei introduced.

  In addition, the staff continue to scrutinize and improve the guarantee process of the new crown vaccine, and strengthen the complementary operation of each link.

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  New Crown Vaccine Air Transportation Guarantee Guide "Updated"

  Regarding the transportation of the new crown vaccine, the Civil Aviation Administration has issued the "Guidelines for Air Transportation Guarantee of the New Crown Vaccine Cargo" to relevant units, and recently issued the second edition of the guide.

It is reported that the new version of the guide is more detailed than the first version, and the operation content is more directional.

  For example, the new version of the guidelines proposes to refine information declaration, packaging preparation, document preparation, labeling and labeling in the preliminary preparation of the new crown vaccine; proposes how to check the packaging, what should be on the packaging, and how to handle the temperature recorder. There should be several labels, and each link has clear requirements.

In addition, in the collection and transportation link, it is proposed to establish a green channel for the transportation of the new crown vaccine. It is necessary to have a checklist, what information content should be checked by the staff, and security checks should be given priority.

  In the transportation link, the new version of the guide also puts forward specific requirements, including how to notify the airline and the captain after the vaccine is transported to the apron; pilots should set the cargo compartment temperature and use special codes for vaccine transportation according to different models.

  On January 27, the Civil Aviation Administration held the fifth meeting of the Leading Group for Promoting the Development of Aviation Logistics Industry.

Lu Erxue, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration, emphasized that we will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.

In the face of the still severe and complex epidemic situation, we must continue to do a good job in "guaranteeing transportation and supply" to ensure that "external defense import, internal defense rebound, and personal defense" are in place, and high standards are required to deal with the new crown virus Vaccine air transportation guarantee.

  In response to the increasing demand for vaccine transportation, in mid-November last year, the International Air Transport Association officially certified Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport as an independent medical logistics verification center.

Since then, a large number of new crown vaccines have been transported and distributed here.

  Currently, airports in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have passed this certification.

The reporter learned that the independent medical logistics verification center is a certification standard launched by the IATA to help aviation logistics companies improve their competitiveness. The center must evaluate and verify cold chain processes and provide training to ensure that aviation logistics companies comply All applicable standards and regulatory requirements.

  In addition, in order to cope with the increase in shipments of the new crown vaccine, airlines have already begun preparations.

China Eastern Logistics, a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, has previously transported other vaccines, and is currently preparing for the technical details of the new crown vaccine; China Southern Airlines also has rich vaccine transportation experience and has corresponding preparations for the new crown vaccine transportation; Juneyao Airlines and other airlines without all-cargo aircraft The company is also preparing for the use of passenger aircraft’s abdominal compartment to carry cargo to transport vaccines, including storage of refrigerators and dry ice.

  Beijing News reporter Wu Tingting