A Turkish mother throws her children from the third floor to save them from a fire

Video footage showed a shocking moment for a mother throwing her children from the third floor of a building in the Turkish city of Istanbul, in an attempt to save them from a fire, according to the newspaper "The Sun".

Locals stretched out blankets to pick up the children after they fell from the window of a five-story apartment building in Istanbul.

In a video clip filmed from the street, the mother is seen throwing her four children separately from the window as a cloud of black smoke flows behind her due to the fire inside the building.

The sound of passers-by was heard screaming with fear, and some of them begged her not to throw small children out of the apartment, under which a number of shops appeared.

The children were taken to ambulances after landing on blankets, a local newspaper reported.

The mother was taken to hospital as a precaution, but, surprisingly, all five members of the family survived without serious injuries.