(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) The Hong Kong Infection Control Center of North Lantau Hospital built with the aid of the central government officially opened

  China News Service, Hong Kong, February 25. The opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Infection Control Center of North Lantau Hospital, which was built with the assistance of the Central Government, was held in Hong Kong on the 25th. The hospital will officially open the first batch of 48 isolation beds on the 26th.

  The Hong Kong Infection Control Center of North Lantau Hospital is located on the west side of the Hong Kong Asia Expo. It is the last of the three major anti-epidemic projects of the central government.

The hospital covers an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters. The six double-storey ward buildings are bright yellow and grass green. The medical center next to the ward building is light gray and beige as the background.

  "I attended the project completion ceremony on the 20th and witnessed the official opening of the hospital in just one month. I thank the central government for supporting the SAR government and caring for the people of Hong Kong." Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam said at the opening ceremony.

  Hongling Fan, Chairman of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, introduced that this is the first hospital in Hong Kong that uses MiC technology to build negative pressure isolation wards. The newly-added fully automatic nucleic acid testing equipment can process approximately 1,500 patient samples per day.

The hospital provides 816 isolation beds to collect and treat patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia in a centralized manner, and provide relief for other hospitals.

  "The central government fully supports Hong Kong's fight against the epidemic and will always be a strong backing for Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Central Liaison Office will work with the SAR government and Hong Kong citizens to make epidemic prevention and control a top priority, and unite to defeat the epidemic." Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Central Liaison Office Qiu Hong said.

  After the guests cut the ribbon, dozens of medical staff took a group photo to cheer up with placards that read "Come on", "The epidemic will soon fall" (the epidemic will end soon) and "Zero infection".

A head of the Hospital Authority distributed chocolates and New Year's gifts to the medical staff. The medical staff cheered and encouraged each other.

  It is understood that the Hong Kong Infection Control Center of North Lantau Hospital will first open a ward with 48 isolation beds on the 26th to accept diagnosed patients aged 16 to 65 with mild or moderate clinical conditions.

With the development of the epidemic, the hospital will gradually accept patients who are still in community treatment facilities so as to concentrate their staff and use resources more effectively.