Including parsley and carrots .. Foods rich in vitamin A.

Russian doctor, Professor Yelena Malysheva, revealed the food containing the highest percentage of vitamin A, which is useful in replacing its deficiency in the body.

According to the Russian agency "Sputnik", Dr. Malysheva indicates in the list of these substances that 100 grams of cod liver contain vitamin A that is 20 times higher than the body's daily need.

And that 100 grams of sweet pepper and parsley contain 10 times what the body needs of this vitamin.

And 100 grams of regular liver six times, and 100 grams of carrots three times.

She says, "In principle, a healthy person can take these substances without reservation. But pregnant women in the first three months are advised not to eat cod liver and other items containing a high content of vitamin A. Because this vitamin during pregnancy is subject to the control of a doctor, and it is necessary." Observe the permissible dose. "

She added, for this vitamin, certain permissible doses, as the daily dose of it should not exceed 1,300 micrograms.

The normal dose for men is 900 micrograms, for women 700 micrograms, and children and teenagers 300-600 micrograms.

She says, "A person may get excessive doses of vitamin A, which are life-threatening. This usually happens when a person takes vitamin A with various biological supplements, or with medications. Excessive doses of this vitamin increase the risk of cancer, especially cancer." Lung, and this risk increases for smokers, so it is not recommended for smokers to take vitamin A without a prescription.

And Malysheva adds, Vitamin A is responsible for rejuvenating the skin and improving eyesight.