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  • The medical data of nearly 500,000 French patients have leaked onto the Internet.

  • A site put online this Thursday allows to know if one is concerned by this leak.

  • The tool was developed by Acceis, a cybersecurity expertise center located in Rennes.

The leak, revealed by the daily


, is unprecedented with the medical data of nearly 500,000 French patients which have been made public on the Internet.

This highly sensitive information was stolen from laboratories in the north-western quarter of France and disseminated online.

Brittany seems to be the most affected region with the medical data of more than 300,000 Bretons and Bretons which have been circulating for several days on the Web.

In an attempt to reassure the population and prevent possible attacks, the Acceis cybersecurity center of expertise, created in 2015 in Rennes, posted a tool online this Thursday to find out whether we are among the patients affected by this leak. medical data.

To check if you are concerned by the medical data leak, you just need to enter your social security number.

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All you have to do is enter your social security number in the site's unique search field and the result is automatic.

“If your identity appears in the leak, it is better to be very careful if you receive emails or calls concerning your health data, underlines its managing director Yves Duchesne.

Because there is a risk that hackers will use this list to carry out attacks ”.

The site is "completely secure", reassures the boss of Acceis

If this is the case, the boss of Acceis invites the patients concerned to contact the gendarmerie services or the platform for assistance to victims of cyber-surveillance.

To respond to the mistrust of some users, Yves Duchesne also assures that the tool developed by his teams "is completely secure".

“This server does not contain personal information or health data relating to the data breach.

Only cryptographic condensates (SHA-256) are used, making it possible to confirm / deny the presence of an identity in the data leak ”, it is also mentioned on the site in question.

"It is our job to monitor these attacks and data leaks and to provide solutions to our customers", underlines the CEO of Acceis.

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