"Mishary Al-Balam" tops "Twitter" ... and tweets: "Whoever made our smile has passed away."

The hashtag of the Kuwaiti artist # Mishary Al-Balam topped the list of the most interactive topics on the social networking site "Twitter", after announcing his death days after he entered intensive care after being infected with the new Corona virus.

The tweeters interacted with the tag "Mishari Al-Balam", expressing their grief over his departure, and their shock upon hearing this news that came on the National Day of the State of Kuwait, which made joy incomplete on this occasion.

The tweeters expressed their great sadness over the departure of the balam, indicating that it was a maker of their smiles, and that it was a source of joy in their homes, and one of the tweets said: “# Mishary_albam .. all the good faces that made our smile with their kindness and kindness have left .. Who is left ?? Bright candles .. God have mercy. "

Another said, "Turn off the TV. There is nothing worth watching anymore ... The one who made a smile is gone."

Tweeters pointed out that the death of Al-Balam on the National Day of Kuwait made the joy of this day deficient for them. One of them said: “The joy of Kuwait today is lacking with the death of Mishari Al-Balam .. Hopefully, my Lord will have mercy on him, O Lord, and make him live in his paradise.”

Another said: "He died on a national day in Kuwait .. on a very special day as it was distinguished .. But the joy of this day was not complete with his departure ... and God has mercy on him and forgives him. He inhabits him in his spaciousness and inspires his family and his family patience and solace. I belong to God and to him we shall return."

Tweeters explained that the news of the death of the Balam was shocking for them even though they were following his health during his last days, and one of the tweets said: “We were waiting for you until you recover ... but the news of your death was a shock .. so you were struck by the news .. God have mercy on him and forgive him and provide for him. the Paradise".

For their part, the songwriters described the ballam as the "creative" and "real" artist, because he was distinguished by all the roles he played. One of them said: "# Mishari Al-Balam was a true artist and among the few creative people in the performance of all the characters assigned to him .. so that he may rest in peace."

Tweeters from various Arab countries also sent condolences to Kuwait and its people on the death of the Balam. One of them said: "My deepest condolences and sympathy to our loved ones in Kuwait and to his family and loved ones .. News that heart pains..God is with you."

The Kuwaiti artist, Mishari Al-Balam, died today, Thursday, days after entering the intensive care unit, following his infection with the new Corona virus.

The news was announced by artist Hassan Al-Balam, a relative of Mashari, who published, earlier in the day, on his Instagram account, a picture of the deceased, commenting on it, "We belong to God and to Him we shall return."

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