China News Service, Chengdu, February 24th (Zhu Huan) Wearing earrings and necklaces with the sun bird pattern of the "Treasure of the Town Hall" of the Jinsha Site Museum, a hairpin decorated with copper birds, and using a mobile phone with the sun bird pattern Shells, water cups... On Hu Xiaorong, the gold medalist of the Jinsha Site Museum, who was nearly in the past, the marks of the Jinsha Site can be seen everywhere.

Hu Xiaorong trains instructors.

Photo courtesy of interviewee Zhu Huan

  The 68-year-old Hu Xiaorong always wears black stilettos and delicate makeup. The spirit of her body makes it difficult to see the traces of the years on her body.

Hu Xiaorong spent 20 years in the Jinsha Site Museum during her 36-year career as an interpreter. During these 20 years, she gave more than 8,000 explanations, and almost burst into tears. The contagious language and emotions often made the audience. Red eye circles.

Hu Xiaorong was interviewed.

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  Acting as a narrator

  Achieve the title of "Gold Medal Instructor" through learning all the way

  Hu Xiaorong, who has a good face, a tall stature, and a strong drama professional, has been a drama actor for more than ten years, which is also a small achievement.

But when she was young and self-willed, she did not hesitate. In the 1980s when people did not know the museum, she resolutely chose to cross the border to the museum and became the first batch of interpreters for the Chengdu Museum.

Hu Xiaorong talked with former students cordially.

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  From a drama actor with no historical background to a gold medal explainer, only Hu Xiaorong understands how difficult it is.

When she came to the museum, she didn't understand anything. Everything started from scratch. She had cried and regretted, but her strong self-esteem made her firmly choose to stay in the cultural and museum system to supplement various historical and cultural knowledge.

  Not long after the Jinsha site was discovered, Hu Xiaorong came here.

At that time, there were very few written records of Jinsha culture, not even a book.

Faced with a pile of unearthed cultural relics, Hu Xiaorong didn't know what to do.

She asked Zhu Zhangyi, the then head of the Jinsha Archaeological Workstation, what books he could read. Zhu Zhangyi said: "You can read everything, from the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River to the culture of Central Plains and West Asia. You can read everything related to history."

Constantly updated notebook.

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  After that, Hu Xiaorong began a long journey of learning.

She found countless books on history and culture. Once she couldn’t understand them, she read them the second and third times. She went to the site with asbestos tiles to ask the workers who excavated cultural relics and archaeologists; she also listened The opinions of various experts, choose the essence... Gradually, the densely packed more than 40 notebooks became the testimony of Hu Xiaorong's study.

  "The lecturer is a profession of continuous learning. It needs to learn more, listen more, and watch more." Today, Hu Xiaorong, who has made little achievements in explaining the industry, still maintains the habit of continuous learning.

With the gold ornaments of the "Sun Bird" unearthed at the Jinsha Site on the "Shenzhou VI" and realizing the ancients' "flying dream", Hu Xiaorong also started learning aerospace knowledge and became a member of the "Qian Xuesen Class" working alliance in primary and secondary schools across the country. consultant.

Hu Xiaorong is explaining.

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  Known as "the commentator born for the sands"

  It is explained that tears are love from the heart

  "I stayed with cultural relics for five and a half years. I think cultural relics are warm, alive, and capable of talking." Hu Xiaorong's experience will have a great impact on her future career.

She has explained more than 8,000 scenes at the Jinsha Site Museum. She treats each scene as the first one. She tells the story and culture of Jinsha with true feelings, and tears often fill her eyes when she talks about emotions.

Hu Xiaorong is studying.

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  Moving from the excavation site to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the exhibition hall, the cultural relics unearthed on the Golden Sofa have passed through her hands many times.

Hu Xiaorong's feelings for the cultural relics in the Jinsha Site Museum are incomprehensible to ordinary people, and she is also known as the "interpreter born for Jinsha".

  "I am willing to be a bridge to tell people today what the cultural relics want to say. At the same time, I can tell people today’s sentiments through me to cultural relics, history, and ancient times." Hu Xiaorong often has "dialogues" with cultural relics. Experience life and share it with the audience.

  "Why do I often have tears in my eyes? Because I love these cultural relics so deeply." Hu Xiaorong's explanation was almost in tears. Many people felt that Hu Xiaorong's explanation could not be copied, but she felt that there was one that could be copied. That is love.

  Hu Xiaorong’s affectionate explanation has also been questioned a lot. After the former drama teacher’s interpretation, she gradually discovered that she must have her own true feelings for this job, do herself well, and spread this well. Part of the Jinsha culture.

Hu Xiaorong once led a group to explain.

Photo courtesy of interviewee Zhu Huan

  After listening to Hu Xiaorong’s explanation, a doctor once advised her not to be so affectionate. This is not good for her health and very hurting the liver.

But Hu Xiaorong still couldn't restrain her emotions. She didn't want to fool every audience present, and didn't want her explanation to be like a glass of boiled water without any aftertaste.

  Hu Xiaorong was able to come to this day, and the audience gave her a lot of confidence and kept her on the front line.

Many viewers couldn't help crying after listening, "Hello teacher, I am really touched by your wonderful explanation just now. Your explanation is not only vivid in content, rich in cultural knowledge, but also as a museum person. I am very touched by her belief, perseverance and pride. For many years of doing one thing without distracting thoughts, your temperament is different, and you are really beautiful.” Hu Xiaorong left a lot of similar messages sent to her by the audience. She couldn't bear to delete the text messages.

  Cultivate new forces

  Let the love for cultural heritage be passed on from generation to generation

  Although Hu Xiaorong is still explaining now, as the first person to explain the Jinsha Site Museum and Chengdu Museum, now she is more focused on cultivating the strength of new students and spreading the cultural charm of cultural museums.

  Hu Xiaorong's students called her "Hu Ma" affectionately. When they met students on the road, they waved and called "Hu Ma" from a distance.

When I met Ren Wen, a former student in the museum, Ren Wen ran up to Hu Xiaorong, took her hand, and kindly told her recent situation.

"Hu Ma not only helped us in her work, she also helped us in life. We will patiently answer any questions Hu Ma will answer." said Ren Wen, a bilingual guide who came to the Jinsha Site Museum in 2009.

  He Yan, who came to the Jinsha Site Museum at the same time as Ren Wen, had the same feelings. The first lecture she listened to was Hu Xiaorong. "It is the first time that the explanation has such a great charm, which can bring the audience to the scene. Bring it into that environment.” He Yan said that Hu Xiaorong’s style of explanation is very scarce, and visitors can get a real and intuitive experience in such an explanation environment.

Hu Xiaorong's training as a drama actor.

Photo courtesy of interviewee Zhu Huan

  He Lili, who was in the same office with Hu Xiaorong, was infected by Hu Xiaorong’s professionalism. “Ms. Hu’s vitality far surpasses that of young people. Her dedication and professionalism is an inspiration to our young people.” He Lili said. , I feel full of positive energy when I stay with Teacher Hu.

  Today, Hu Xiaorong has nurtured more than two thousand students, all over the country.

At the age of 68, she is still absorbing fresh knowledge like a sponge, constantly spreading culture, and cultivating new forces.

She hopes that the younger generation of interpreters will fall in love with this profession and share and spread culture with their hearts.

  This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the Jinsha Site. It is also the 20th year that Hu Xiaorong has worked hard at the Jinsha Site Museum. She has not only participated in the vigorous development of the cultural and museum industry, but also witnessed the growing cultural needs of the audience.

  The support of her family made Hu Xiaorong firmly choose to go on. She was going to keep talking and wanted to become the first "white-haired commentator" of the Jinsha Site Museum.