More than half of the single young people interviewed pointed out that "cloud dating" needs to pay attention to the filters set by the Internet

  Just after the Spring Festival, many dating and dating platforms have begun to organize online dating activities for the new year.

Because of the epidemic, in the past year or so, the opportunities and places for single young people to make friends offline have been limited, and young people have become more dependent on online mode for making friends.

What issues should be paid attention to when making friends online?

  A few days ago, the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily and the Social Survey Center ( conducted a survey of 2001 single youths aged 18-35. According to a survey of 2001 single youths aged 18-35, 56.4% of the interviewed single youths pointed out that online dating needs to pay attention to network settings. Filter.

  Marriage and dating, 42.9% of single youths surveyed prefer online mode

  Cheng Hui (a pseudonym), 32, is an employee of a Beijing business unit.

Last year, he tried both online and offline dating and making friends.

Cheng Hui likes the mode and atmosphere of online dating, which makes him feel at ease, but feels that offline dating is more real.

"Online dating has the problem of personal creation. As information receivers, we can only judge the other party's personality preferences subjectively. Or direct contact is more real."

  Single young man Wang Rui (pseudonym) is a medical worker. “I used to interact with girls offline before. Due to the high intensity of work, I often come for temporary appointments and miss appointments, leaving a very bad impression on the other party. Online contact eased In this conflict, girls can understand my work better." Wang Rui said.

  In marriage and dating, 42.9% of the single youths surveyed prefer the online mode, 32.7% prefer the offline mode, and 24.4% said it is hard to say.

Interactive analysis found that single youths surveyed in first-tier cities prefer the online model (46.9%), while single youths surveyed in third- and fourth-tier cities prefer the offline model (38.0%).

  56.4% of single youths surveyed pointed out that online dating needs to pay attention to the filters set by the Internet

  "My colleague once met a boy on a dating app, and the two chatted very well online. She felt that boys had little accomplishments at work, and often did not rest at two o'clock at night, saying it was working overtime, thinking it was hardworking and motivated. The two met several times later and found out that the boys stayed up late were actually playing games and did not find a job in the company mentioned earlier. Colleagues were angry and frustrated." Zhou Yuanyuan (pseudonym) is 29 years old this year. She thinks whether the other party is honest or not. Sincerely, it determines the quality of online dating.

  In the survey, 65.2% of the single youths interviewed felt that it was not easy to thoroughly understand each other's behavior and personality when interacting online.

  Cheng Hui mentioned that online dating may encounter some false packaging, "It can also be called'Friends Moments People'. I once added a girl to WeChat. Through her Moments, I feel like a cheerful, warm, and well-dressed girl. My son, after meeting, I found that it was totally different: introverts didn’t like to communicate, and they looked different from the photos.”

  Liu Lu (a pseudonym) born in the 90s works in a financial company. She feels that online interactions are relatively simple compared to offline interactions. “Slowly it may cause monotonous fatigue. In special times, you can’t see faces often, so you can pay more attention to it. Couples interact with each other, such as watching movies simultaneously, and they also have a sense of company."

  What issues should be watched out for online dating?

In the survey, 56.4% of the single youths interviewed pointed out that it is necessary to pay attention to the filter set by the Internet.

Others include: it is difficult to confirm the authenticity of the other party's information (55.9%), the form is single, it is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue (49.1%), and there are online frauds in the name of making friends (37.9%).

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Du Yuanchun