What about rural revitalization?

First of all, we must stabilize agriculture, the "big one"!

  The No. 1 Central Document stated that in response to various risks and challenges at home and abroad, the basic support lies in the "three rural", and it is urgent to stabilize the basic agricultural market and maintain the foundation of the "three rural".

  Food is human nature, agriculture is the original.

History has proven time and again that maintaining the fundamentals of agriculture and maintaining the foundations of the "three rural" are the foundation for solving the road to rural revitalization, the "ballast stone" for contingency and new developments, and the "bigger of the country" that concerns the overall situation. .

In the field of hope, we have the "big man of the country" in our hearts, and we must persist in looking at the "three rural issues" with a historical perspective.

Cure the root cause in agriculture, and work hard.

At the end of the Warring States period, large copper and iron castings in various parts of Korea, arable land was abandoned, and food production stagnated, making South Korea, which was inherently inadequate in its agricultural foundation and often short of food, weakened its national power and accelerated to become the first country to be destroyed.

On the other hand, since Shang Yang’s reforms, the state of Qin has taken "contracting the people to agriculture" as the "key of governing the country", allowing the people to see that farming is profitable, and thus "doing their best in agriculture". The emphasis on Jialu strengthened the economy of Qin. And military strength has continued to grow stronger in the fierce and cruel merger war. This is the lesson and enlightenment that history has brought us.

In the field of hope, we cherish the "big one of the country" and ask us not to be afraid of floating clouds to cover our eyes, and to stick to the word "agriculture" with super strong determination.

In Xiaogang Village, Fengyang, Anhui, the “First Village of China's Rural Reform”, after the farmers have eaten their stomachs, the village has not forgotten the past. For decades, the village has continued to regard agriculture and food as the foundation for survival and development and use the spirit of nailing nails. The word "agriculture" was written more and more, and no matter how the reform was done, it did not collapse the collective ownership of rural land, reduce the amount of arable land, weaken grain production capacity, and change the word "agriculture".

On the other hand, in some rural areas, seeing that other people develop industries and become rich, they are keen to abandon agriculture for business and agriculture for work. There are trends and signs of "non-grainization" and "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land. It is necessary to pour cold water. Ring the alarm bell.

In the field of hope, we cherish the "big man of the country" and require us to fully respect the peasants, always keep the main status of the peasants in mind, and let the peasant brothers have the rush and hope.

Whether agriculture is strong or not, whether the countryside is beautiful or not, and whether farmers are rich or not, determines the quality of an all-round well-off society and the quality of socialist modernization.

It is the original aspiration and mission of a century-old party to enable farmers to live a better life.

Let farmers have a sense of gain in promoting agricultural modernization and a sense of happiness in promoting rural revitalization, especially in the vigorous implementation of rural construction activities, we must fully solicit public opinion, broadly gather people’s wisdom, respect farmers’ right to participate, and respect rural production and life In fact, keep the country style and the pastoral homesickness.

Based on the great changes unseen in a century, it is a commendable quality to have a "big country" in mind.

It must be noted that the "three rural" work in the new development stage is still extremely important, and it must not be relaxed for a while, and we must pay close attention to it.

Only by deeply understanding the "three rural" issues can we better understand our party, this country, and this nation.

If the nation is to rejuvenate, the village must be rejuvenated.

Knowing the "big nation", we need to continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, and we need to clear up all kinds of fog, be down-to-earth, and work for a long time.

Only in this way can our work on “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” not sway or deviate, and rural revitalization can continue to advance, and the fields of hope will be full of hope!

  Half-month talk commentator Li Yabiao Jiang Gang