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February 24, 2021

Barack Obama once broke a racist classmate's nose

Barack Obama is not the type to let it go, especially when we send him racist insults!

The former US President shared an anecdote dating back to his childhood in the second episode of his podcast

Renegades: Born In The USA

, starring Bruce Springsteen.

He has indeed revealed that he once broke the nose of a classmate.

“Look, I was at school.

I was playing basketball with a friend, and one day we had a fight, he called me moricaud.

So already, there are no moricauds in Hawaii.

It's one of those things where he probably didn't even know what a moricud was.

What he knew was that he could hurt me by saying that.

I remember I put him a loaf of bread and it broke his nose.

I told him never to call me that.

I might be poor, I might be ignorant, I might be mean, I might be ugly.

I may not love myself, be miserable, but you know what?

I am not you ”, revealed Barack Obama.

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Travis Scott's daughter is a "major influence" in his career

Stormi Jenner may not know it yet, but she is a "major influence" in the career of her father, rapper Travis Scott.

The latter has indeed revealed to the magazine 


 to what extent "fatherhood influences (his) work".

"It's a major inspiration, you know what I mean?"

Especially Storm, she behaves like a child, always interested, she learns quickly, and adapts so quickly.

Children show you a different way of seeing life, through their eyes, the pressures they have, and what makes them happy, what moves them.

When they watch certain films, listen to certain songs, or when she watches my concerts on YouTube and realizes that she is there, ”he reveals.

Stormi, the daughter of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, turned three this month.


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