Short videos give birth to the "Clouds" New Year Customs-

  Generation Z's "Cyber" Year

  On New Year’s Day, the creator "Mountain Village Chicken Commander", who has about 200,000 fans on the short video platform, posted a video. The 2021 chickens raised by this 4-year-old guy came out. After the operation, the 2021 chickens put out 4 big characters that are bigger than the house-"Bullish".

  With the coming of the Spring Festival, the "New Year atmosphere group" hidden in all corners of the Internet on weekdays quickly became active.

Although for the prevention and control of the epidemic, many people did not visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, and many did not even go home for the New Year, but with new online platforms and social methods, this ritual-intensive festival has a variety of "New Year customs". "On the line, it will bring a full and new experience of the New Year to the "originators" and those who celebrate the New Year at home.

  Li Hang, a senior student majoring in civil engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University, feels that short videos have become an indispensable "festival" for the New Year. Many people not only use their own New Year greeting videos instead of the text version of New Year greetings, but also use short video platforms. Various "new postures" celebrate the New Year.

  His hometown is Chuxiong, Yunnan.

He started his internship before the Spring Festival in response to the call of "Chinese New Year in situ" and chose to stay in Beijing for the New Year.

However, he never missed the "Family New Year Message" that Grandpa would publish every Chinese New Year.

In order to let the grandson who is thousands of miles away receive the congratulatory message as soon as possible, grandpa recorded a video and posted it on the Douyin platform.

"I taught him how to use Douyin last year. This year, he introduced to me one by one in the video. The fish on the New Year’s Eve dinner represents more than a year, the lily represents a hundred years of good fortune, the chicken represents more accumulation and happiness, and the sheep represents Sanyang Kai Thai and the ox represent the auspicious year of the ox.” Grandpa’s hometown accent combined with the festive special effects and background music of the video made Li Hang also feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival at school.

  Peng Qicheng, a student from a college in Nanchang, Jiangxi, started to shoot short New Year's greeting videos when the epidemic broke out last year and he could not go to pay the New Year greetings.

This year, he participated in the "Looking for the New Year's Taste in the Eyes of Youth" organized by the China Youth School Media.

"My grandparents lived in Nanchang when they were young, and they have a special affection for this city. After this year's holiday, I spent a few more days in school. I recorded a lot of Nanchang Spring Festival scenes and posted them on the Internet and showed them back to my hometown during the New Year. ."

  Like Peng Qicheng, there are more than 13,000 college students from all over the country who "cloud New Year" on social networks and participated in the "Looking for the New Year in the Eyes of Youth" activities.

A student from Datong University with the vibrato name "Eel" wringed Yangko in the living room with his family. Qu Moyan, a student from a university in Inner Mongolia, spoke in the dialect of his hometown of Chifeng, "'Anxious head and white face' grabs red envelopes. ,'Dancing, dancing and chatting' to celebrate the New Year.'Cause noisy' to celebrate the New Year's end,'something to do' to celebrate the new year.'

A girl from the Bai nationality with a vibrato named "Mango-loving buns" in her hometown of Jianchuan, Dali, wishes her friends "all the best and good health" in the local dialect.

The activity-related topics "Love is Reunion" and "Happy New Year in Dialect" have been viewed more than 45 million times on platforms such as Douyin.

  Chinese New Year on the cloud also has to be lively and lively.

In addition to short video New Year greetings, short video enthusiasts who are usually active in various fields also took advantage of their magical powers during the New Year and started a creative carnival with the theme of the Spring Festival.

The post-90s craftsman "Mountain Village, Little Carpenter" "enchanted" a little Spring Festival atmosphere, made a wooden cow about the size of a real cow from wooden boards, and netizens called "Amazing, isn't this a wooden cow and a running horse".

Gourmet creator Li Ziqi fried melon seeds, fried buns, fried shrimp slices, and dried roasted meat, he was beaming.

Douyin creators "Changsha family" played "random red envelopes", throwing Coke bottles at a row of banknotes from small to large denominations, and getting red envelopes of any denomination wherever they stopped.

  Regardless of whether you go out or not, or go home or not, the atmosphere of "Cloud New Year" must be "engaged" first.

During the Spring Festival, the Douyin platform launched the special effects of "All Things Come to Happy New Year". The cats, cats, dogs, TV refrigerators, and banana cherries in the homes of netizens all put on the fortune hat and jumped to the screen to celebrate the New Year.

Douyin user "Zhou Le He _" scanned the high school graduation photos with this special effect. "Teachers" and "classmates" jumped onto the screen holding gold ingots and dancing dragons, and the classmates "New Year Party" was lively.

Netizens called "good guys" directly, "I have an immature idea about a photo of my classmates."

  The New Year custom on the cloud, there is lively social interaction, and there are real feelings.

A netizen named "Wu Bo in Austria" celebrated Chinese New Year with 6 friends who were also in Austria. They were far away in a foreign country. They kept searching for Chinese elements on the streets. When they saw the Huawei store on the side of the road, they were so excited that they received it. Red envelopes. Seeing an Air China advertisement printed on the body of a bus, I couldn't help but think of my hometown on the other side of the ticket.

Seven friends celebrated the Spring Festival in Austria, but at the end of the video, Wu Bo still shed tears and quietly told Dayang’s parents, "I miss home very much."

  In the video, there is a blessing, an atmosphere, or a saying "Parents, I miss you", the new year customs on the cloud brought by new technology and new brain holes have become people's usual company.

"In the information age, space is not distance, communication is not a problem." Ge Guanghe from Northeast Normal University felt that short video New Year greetings and other "cloud New Year greetings" have a good prospect. In the process of change, some New Year customs have emerged, and "cloud worshiping the New Year" is one of them. In modern society, many people find it difficult to visit for the New Year due to work needs. You might as well use this as an opportunity to use the New Year custom of "cloud worshiping the New Year." "

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Bi Ruoxu and intern Yang Zilin Source: China Youth Daily