While BIGBANG G-Dragon and Black Pink Jenny are engrossed in dating rumors, bad comments are continuing on SNS of the beloved actor Joo-yeon.

On the 24th, Dispatch reported that G-Dragon and Jenny were dating from the same management company as seniors and juniors and have been dating for the first year.

Regarding this, the management company YG Entertainment said, "It is a private life, so it cannot be confirmed."

However, after the rumors of dating between the two, a post of Joo-yeon Lee's SNS received attention.

This is a picture he captured and uploaded a scene from the Netflix drama'Red Head Anne'.

The captured photo contains lines such as "It's my experience. If you firmly decide to enjoy", "You can always find something to enjoy", "Of course, you have to eat your mind really firmly."

With this, speculation has been raised that Lee Joo-yeon captured G-Dragon-Jenny's dating rumors and expressed her feelings indirectly.

Regarding the SNS post, some media reported that'Jooyeon Lee left a meaningful SNS after the report of G-Dragon-Jenny's dating rumors'.

However, Lee Joo-yeon posted the post on social media at around 2 am on the 24th, and G-Dragon-Jenny's dating rumor was reported at around 10:30 am on the day.

Lee Joo-yeon's posting on social media is about 8 hours ahead of the dating rumor.

Therefore, this post is not a representation of Joo-yeon Lee's feelings of watching G-Dragon-Jenny's dating rumors, but it is correct to see that he shared a scene from a drama he saw deeply on social media.

However, the misunderstanding led to evil.

There are already malicious comments on Lee Joo-yeon's social media.

Some netizens are lined up with bad comments pointing to Lee Joo-yeon, such as "Do it moderately", "Why do you keep trying to attract attention", "At least you should be caring about your ex-boyfriend?" and "Stay quiet".

Previously, Lee Joo-yeon and G-Dragon had been suspicious of dating several times.

Videos and photos taken affectionately were also released.

However, both G-Dragon and Lee Joo-yeon have stated that whenever suspicion of dating arises, "it is difficult to confirm because it is private."

[Photo = Lee Joo-yeon Instagram capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)