Application for passenger car indicators for the first half of the year ends on March 8, and new energy indicators will be allocated on May 26

  On January 1 this year, Beijing's new policy on the number of passenger cars was officially implemented.

January 1 to March 8 is the time for applicants to fill in and submit their applications. During this period, "car-free families" apply for indicators, couples apply for changes to registered vehicles, and owners of "one person with multiple cars" apply for transfer to relatives Businesses such as vehicle registration can be declared through designated websites.

In order to facilitate citizens to apply for indicators for individuals and families, to apply for changes or transfer registration qualifications for Beijing-branded passenger cars, the Beijing Municipal Office for Passenger Cars has recently published a detailed list of the business scope and required materials for each district window.

Configure new energy indicators for this year on May 26

  The New Deal adjusted the schedule of index application and allocation, from 6 allocations per year to 3 allocations, with new energy indicators allocated in May and general indicators allocated in June and December.

Regardless of whether the application is an individual or a family unit, or a Beijing brand passenger car registration application for change or transfer, it can be submitted within two time periods each year, which are January 1st-March 8th and August 1st. -October 8th.

In other words, in the first half of this year, the time limit for the allocation of indicators is less than two weeks.

  When submitting an application on a household basis, you can choose either new energy indicators or ordinary indicators, or only ordinary indicators.

Those who choose new energy indicators or common indicators should first participate in the new energy indicator configuration on May 26. If they are shortlisted, they cannot participate in the common indicator configuration; those who are not shortlisted can continue to participate in the common indicator configuration.

  The public needs to be reminded that only one Beijing-brand passenger car can be submitted for registration of change or transfer within one reporting period.

After the application has been reviewed and approved, and the vehicle management department has completed the vehicle change or transfer registration procedures, it can continue to declare other vehicle changes or transfer registration applications.

Individuals giving up new energy indicators and other businesses cannot be handled on their behalf

  According to the business scope of each district window and the description of the required materials, applicants for the “account information”, “configuration index” and “update index” business of passenger car indicators can apply online, but I do not understand network operations, are not in China or the city, Due to serious illness and inconvenience to go to the window in person, you can entrust the immediate family member to do it on behalf of you. The agent must have the power of attorney, the identity card of the person and the agent, and the original residence booklet, marriage certificate, or notary certificate.

  According to the service instructions, there are also some businesses that cannot be handled on behalf of others, such as the "abandonment of new energy indicators" business in the personal allocation indicators, the "re-application" and "cancellation applications" in the household allocation indicators, and the "application for transfer of registration qualifications to parents and children" "New Application", "Re-application", "Cancel Application", etc.

  In addition, if the identity information of the owner of a Jing brand passenger car is changed before the vehicle is sold or scrapped, or the original car registration information is incorrect, the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration" (Order No. 124 of the Ministry of Public Security) shall be followed. The materials go to the Vehicle Management Office of the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau to go through the procedures for correction of vehicle registration information, and then apply for the updated indicators through the Beijing Municipal Passenger Car Index Regulation Management Information System or the windows of each district.

  If the identity information of the owner of a Jing brand minibus is changed after the vehicle is sold or scrapped, the "indicator information change" business can be handled.

The household registration book provided by the applicant must have clear content and time for the change of identity information.

Residents of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan do not need to provide a residence booklet for changing the number of the Mainland/Mainland travel permit, but they need to provide the Mainland/Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents.

If you cancel your Chinese nationality, you need to submit a certificate of account cancellation.

Foreign personnel’s passport number does not need to provide a household register, but a driver’s license, old and new passports and accommodation registration forms are required.

In the confirmation notice of allocation indicators for active military personnel and armed police, the registered resident identity card cannot be changed to a military certificate.

  Reporter Sun Hongyang