Baptiste Pagani, on the way to Ashura

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Detail of the cover "The blades of Ashura" by Baptiste Pagani.

© Label 619 x Ankama editions

By: Jean-François Cadet Follow

50 min

After "The Golden Path", Baptiste Pagani returns with an album at the crossroads of Conan the Barbarian, Mad Max and manga culture.

A universe at the frontier of genres, mixing clans and nomadic communities attacking trains in the middle of wild Asian lands.


It is an album divided into three chapters: war, dance and faith, which reflect the states of mind of the three main characters united by family ties which will be severely tested.

Between action scenes and spirituality, between androgynous dances and warlike choreographies, between train attacks and poetic dreamlikeism, Baptiste Pagani takes us on a flamboyant ride populated by colorful characters and sets, which happily plays with the codes of pop cultures. urban, comics and manga / anime.

Baptiste Pagani's

“Blades of Ashura”

is available at Label 619.



 Cyril Pedrosa and Loïc Sécheresse have decided to sketch a France which is demonstrating.

Their drawings are recorded in a book entitled “Carnets de demonstrations.

Portraits (plural) of a France on the move, published by Editions du Seuil.

Amélie Beaucour

leafed through them for us.


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