In order to be able to arrange cultural and sporting events, the planning must begin long before the event takes place.

For those who are now planning for concerts or other events that will take place this summer or autumn, the situation remains uncertain.

While it costs a lot to plan, there is a risk that you will have to cancel if the vaccination is delayed.

Therefore, the Moderates want the state to guarantee that those who plan for future events will receive 70 percent of the costs from the state if events need to be canceled again due to the pandemic.

The proposal was presented to the Finance Committee on Tuesday morning, and received a majority.

This means that the guarantee support thus becomes a reality, the formal decision will be made in the next few weeks.

Allocates 3.5 billion

"Since it is in the interest of society as a whole that life can return to normal as soon as the spread of infection is stopped, society as a whole must also be involved and share the risk involved in planning for the restart."

writes the moderates.

They want to set aside SEK 3.5 billion for the support in 2021. They also want to set a lower limit for how small arrangements are to be covered by the support.