A handful of students demonstrated on Tuesday in front of the Auverge Rhône-Alpes regional council.


Unef Lyon

Measures that they consider insufficient, even ineffective.

A dozen students from Syndicat Unef demonstrated this Tuesday in front of the regional council of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes in reaction to the announcements made the day before by Laurent Wauquiez.

President LR of the region detailed a series of measures he intended to deploy in the territory to fight against student insecurity, accentuated by the current health crisis.

Among which the release of an envelope of 200,000 euros allocated to the networks of solidarity grocery stores so that they can strengthen their distribution of meals.

Solidarity grocery stores and psychological unit

“This amount corresponds to less than 0.60 euros per student.

The distribution, which will not be funded, will be based on student volunteering, ”tackles the union, also unconvinced by the region's promise to provide (on demand) protective gowns and antigenic tests during future campaigns. screening which will be organized on campuses and universities in the region.

"No means are provided to organize screening," replies Unef.

In addition, Laurent Wauquiez announced the opening of a psychological unit at the level of the region and for students.

He also pledged that the Region will replace the State to supervise young people, who had been authorized to enter CFA without an apprenticeship contract.

This system ends at the end of February.

The Region will ensure that it will cover social protection and the cost of schooling in order to maintain their reception in CFA until the month of June.

This concerns 2,000 apprentices in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


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