China News Service, Beijing, February 23 (Chen Hang) During the seasons, the weather in Beijing was "warm and cold", and the temperature showed a "cliff" drop.

  Since February 18, China's central and eastern regions have started a warming mode, and the temperature in many places has continued to rise.

Wu Fang, the forecast foreman of the Beijing Meteorological Service Center, said that the temperature in Beijing had risen before, which was significantly higher than the average level in the past year.

  According to a report from the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Department, the temperature in Beijing dropped sharply on the 23rd. The maximum temperature during the day was only 3℃, and the maximum temperature drop from the 21st to the 23rd reached about 22℃.

  In response to the cooling, Wu Fang analyzed that on the one hand, it was affected by the cold Siberian air going south; on the other hand, it was affected by the high-altitude trough, the sky was more clouded, and there were snowfalls in the northern region, which was unfavorable for the increase in radiation and caused a significant drop in temperature.

  The reporter noticed that the streets of Beijing were chilly on the morning of the 23rd. Pedestrians put on heavy clothes, many of them also wore hats, scarves and gloves.

Many netizens said on Weibo, “The day before yesterday was as warm as summer, and today will be in winter”, “It’s cooling down today, and put on the winter clothes that you took off soon.” “When it’s cold, you should add clothes to keep you warm”...

  Wu Fang pointed out that the current season is in a period of transition, and temperature fluctuations and fluctuations are relatively large.

Some time ago, the highest temperature in Beijing exceeded 20°C, and many people put on light clothes.

After the recent temperature drop, people should pay attention to the latest weather information and add clothing in time to avoid catching a cold.

  The Beijing Meteorological Department stated that starting from the 24th, the temperature in Beijing will have a steady rise again, but the increase this time is not as large as the previous few days. The highest temperature during the day rose to around 12℃ on the 27th, but the temperature at night was higher. Low, people need to pay attention to cold and warm when traveling sooner or later.