The "cargo pull" in the eyes of the driver: mixed cargo and people walk in the gray area, and you can start working after half a day of training

  A reporter from the Beijing News found that there are potential safety hazards in the low entry barriers for drivers, handling conflicts between drivers and passengers, and additional fees charged by drivers.

The traffic police with many years of experience pointed out that there are problems such as illegal modification of vehicles, mixing of people and goods, and illegal stickers that affect the line of sight of vehicles on the road.

  Cha Shasha, a 23-year-old girl from Changsha, Hunan, jumped out of the window of the co-pilot of the van and died after being rescued.

Behind the incident, the safety of the Huolala platform became the focus.

  A reporter from the Beijing News found that there are potential safety hazards in the low entry barriers for drivers, handling conflicts between drivers and passengers, and additional fees charged by drivers.

During the driving process, if the truck does not follow the prescribed route, the system will not generate an early warning.

In the process of moving, there was a big disagreement between the driver and the customer on the additional fees, and some customers had a physical conflict with the driver.

In addition, a traffic police with many years of experience pointed out that there are problems such as illegal modification of vehicles, mixing of people and goods, and illegal stickers that affect the line of sight of vehicles on the road.

  After the incident, on February 23, the staff of the Changsha City Transportation Bureau told the Beijing News reporter that they had been involved in the investigation.

On the same day, the family members communicated with Huolala for the second time.

  According to a red net report, on the 23rd, the driver Zhou Mouchun (male, 38 years old, from Yuelu District, Changsha City) was criminally detained by the public security agency on suspicion of negligence causing death.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.

  Drivers can be on duty after half a day of off-line training without special management

  On February 22, a driver named Lin Huolala in Changsha City said that after registering in the driver version of the Huolala App, a dedicated person will be contacted. After that, the driver will be trained offline for about half a day, "It is to teach you how to Use the software to teach you how to take orders and so on."

  "After paying the deposit, the registered member will pay another sum." According to a driver named Wang Lala in Beijing, he joined the Huolala platform in 2019. After paying a deposit of 699 yuan, ordinary members will pay another 199 per month. Yuan-399 yuan, the driver surnamed Wang said that he chose to pay another 599 yuan a month to become a super member. "After becoming a super member, there will be no limit to the number of orders sent every day. After receiving 5 orders, the platform will also receive 5%."

  A driver surnamed Zhu from Henan works part-time in Huolala. In his view, "low threshold" is an existing problem on the Huolala platform. "Many drivers have their own jobs, and the second job is to pull goods." Register as a driver, You need to perform face recognition and upload photos of the car you are driving in order to prevent others from driving. You can use your own car to pull the goods, or you can rent it on the platform. The rent is more than 100 yuan a day.

In addition, the driver has to pay a 300 yuan initial fee and a 1,000 yuan deposit for an afternoon training.

  On the afternoon of the 23rd, after a reporter from the Beijing News clicked to join Huolala, several customer service staff immediately called to ask about the situation.

The customer service said that as long as they are citizens between 20 and 60 years old, have an ID card, a driver's license, and do not have a case history, they can register to join. Those who join in the short-term (referring to half a year or less) need to pay a deposit of 9,000 yuan. Refund the deposit.

  If you don’t have a car, you can rent a car on the Huolala platform. "The price of a car depends on the selected plan. Within half a year, it will be more than 3,000 yuan a month. Beijing now has a fixed source of goods. People who rent a car on the platform can guarantee one or two orders per day. There is no fixed source of goods if you bring your own car."

  Huolala drivers also have WeChat groups. Drivers surnamed Zhu said that these groups are spontaneously formed by drivers. There are no Huolala management personnel in the group and no dedicated staff to connect with the drivers. If there is an office, if you need to contact the driver, the platform will notify the driver from the software to come to the office.

  There is no fixed standard for loading and unloading fees, and some drivers and passengers have physical conflicts due to additional costs

  After selecting the "Moving" option in the Huolala App, you can independently select "small bread", "medium bread", "small truck", "medium truck" and other models. The starting fee varies depending on the model.

  On the afternoon of the 22nd, a reporter from the Beijing News ordered a minivan service on the Huolala App.

After clicking the minivan model, there will be a schematic diagram of the minivan's size and the types of goods that can be loaded and unloaded. At the bottom of the page, there is a note "photo size is for reference only, subject to the actual order vehicle".

  When you enter the order page, you need to fill in the departure place and destination (specific to the floor). The transportation time can be selected by yourself. You can make an appointment 20 minutes after the current time. You can choose whether you need a transportation service. The remarks include "one person with the car", "Two people following the car" and "small cart" options.

After filling in the order, the freight must be paid in advance, but the specific loading and unloading fees need to be negotiated with the driver and paid directly to the driver without going through the platform.

  Before the start of the trip, the driver surnamed Han took a photo for verification and uploaded it to the platform.

The driver surnamed Han said that this regulation was implemented last year. If he finds that he is overweight or overcrowded, he will refuse to take the order.

  A number of drivers said that because freight hauling is mainly about hauling, in addition to the determined freight, other costs such as loading and unloading are determined by both the passenger and the driver, and they are not traded through the platform.

  "On the cargo pull platform, there is a price list for loading and unloading goods. For example, how much money is on the third floor. We set prices based on this." The driver surnamed Wang said. If there are too many floors and the floors are too high, a fee will be raised before the move, and the move will be successfully negotiated.

  Drivers surnamed Han often encounter situations where passengers underpay or fail to pay loading and unloading fees. He needs to take photos or videos to collect evidence, upload the platform. After platform verification, the passengers will be banned and other penalties, but often the underpaid fees are not returned.

If they encounter more serious conflicts, they need to call the police themselves.

  In July 2020, the user Mr. Li had a conflict with the driver of Huo Lala, "We have moved hundreds of boxes of beverages to the car, and the driver said that it is super important and add 60 yuan. I disagree and he locked the goods. I got up and went to the police station.” Mr. Li called the customer service of Huolala several times, but the customer service asked him to call the police or find the driver to coordinate and resolve.

After that, the two parties had a physical conflict over the matter, which was finally resolved by calling the police.

  "Itinerary sharing" prompt is not obvious, and the system has no yaw warning

  On the 23rd, a reporter from the Beijing News during two visits to Huolala in Zhengzhou, Henan Province found that there was a security center logo on the map page that appeared after the order was placed. Clicking on the logo, you can enter another page, which is displayed There are functions of "trip sharing" and "110 alarm".

Clicking to share can generate a link and send it to friends. Friends can view the vehicle location, driver and vehicle information in real time by clicking the link, and can also call the driver.

But in the car, the Beijing News reporter did not see the camera and other equipment.

  Because the "trip sharing" prompt is not obvious, many passengers said in interviews that they did not know this feature, and many drivers also said, "It is not like Didi can share itineraries."

The driver surnamed Han said that he did not install a driving recorder himself, and the Huolala platform did not require audio or video recording.

  On the 22nd, the customer service staff of Huolala’s headquarters stated, “Currently, there is no related audio and video equipment in the Huolala App and in the car to support recording and evidence collection functions.”

  A reporter from the Beijing News found that the Huolala platform did not force the driver to follow the navigation route, and the system would not activate an early warning in case of yaw.

  The driver surnamed Wang introduced that after the user places an order on the Huolala platform, the platform will show the route and determine the price based on the mileage and the amount of goods. "Before the driver leaves, the customer has already placed the order and paid on the platform, and the driver must be on the platform. Complete goods delivery orders within a limited time."

  Under normal circumstances, the driver will talk to the user before departure to learn about the details of the transported goods. If there are objections to the weight of the goods at this time, both parties can cancel the order.

  Regarding whether the vehicle is driving in accordance with the navigation route, the driver surnamed Han said that the platform does not monitor this, and the system will not issue an alarm if the vehicle yaws or detours.

The driver surnamed Wang said that although the platform has route prompts, the route can be determined by the driver. “You can detour or yaw, but if the time is exceeded on the platform, the driver will be deducted points, which will affect the number of orders. , So no one usually goes around."

  Spend 500 yuan to get points, there is a shop to register an account

  The Huolala platform restricts drivers by deducting points. Low scores will affect the driver's order rate.

The driver surnamed Zhu mentioned that the Huolala platform will rank the drivers according to their scores. Drivers with low scores also have a low order acceptance rate.

Before he had more than 70 minutes, he took orders at the same time as the drivers with more than 90 points, and he couldn't take orders that the other party could take.

  Passengers’ bad reviews will also affect scores. Therefore, drivers surnamed Wang are always more careful when taking orders, so as not to “offend” users and invite bad reviews.

He has encountered many times when users let him carry goods for free because of bad ratings, and he could only move them, "There is no way, it is not easy to make some money, otherwise others will give bad reviews."

  The driver surnamed Zhu mentioned, “Now there is also a way to collect points. You can increase the points for 500 yuan, and there is a dedicated person to help.”

  A reporter from the Beijing News searched on the e-commerce platform and found that there were indeed products with "recovery behavior points for Huolala's white account".

Some stores also sell goods that are registered for collateral. The introduction mentioned that if there is a case, the number is blocked, and the points are insufficient, you can register for collateral.

  After the Beijing News reporter consulted the business, the customer service guided the reporter to add WeChat.

According to the other party on WeChat, it is still possible to swipe behavior points, two hundred yuan ten, "but now the risk control is a bit strict and 100% security cannot be guaranteed." The other party said that if the swipe points are discovered by the platform, "it will not be blocked." , Will deduct behavior points."

  The platform did not clearly stipulate whether it is possible to carry goods, trucks, and passengers. The traffic police: the mixing of people and goods is suspected of illegal

  On February 23, a traffic policeman with many years of work experience in a certain city in Zhejiang told the Beijing News reporter that there were three main problems in the transportation of cargo on the road.

One is to illegally modify passenger vans. "The driver removed the seat behind the cab and changed it to a freight car." This change changed the registration content of the motor vehicle. Traffic police will impose such violations on the driver. A certain amount of fines, and order to restore the original state.

  At the same time, the illegal modification of passenger vehicles for cargo transportation will cause certain hidden dangers when driving.

"Place some sundries behind the driving position. If they are not secured well, the cargo will tilt when braking in an emergency, which will easily affect the behavior of the driver and may cause a traffic accident."

  The second problem is that some trucks and trucks have mixed loading of people and goods. "The trucks are not only pulling goods, but also people. If the trucks are carrying passengers, it is suspected that the owner has not obtained a road transport license. As for the conduct of road transportation, relevant law enforcement officers will punish them." According to Article 50 of the "Traffic Safety Law," Article 50: It is forbidden to carry passengers on freight vehicles.

  Mr. Li, who has used Huo Lala many times, said that he used to follow the car. "Generally, it depends on whether there is someone who unloads the goods at the destination. If not, we have to follow." Wang said, in his experience of soliciting goods Here, we often encounter the situation of customers following the car. “Generally, there are not many people, and there are one or two situations.” He said that the platform side does not clearly stipulate, and it generally depends on the customer's personal wishes.

  The driver surnamed Zhu said that he had heard in a group chat with local truck drivers that six or seven workers thought that taxis were expensive and called for a large car that could sit on the truck platform.

For the situation that only pulls people but not goods, the goods pull platform does not clearly stipulate, as long as the passengers make a note on the order, and I have never heard of drivers being punished for this.

  The third problem is that there will be a sticker with the truck logo on the outside of the truck. If the sticker affects the line of sight of the vehicle, law enforcement officials will order the owner to restore it to its original state.

  On February 23, a staff member of the Road Transportation Management Office of the Changsha Municipal Transportation Bureau told the Beijing News that the Transportation Bureau has been involved in the investigation of the woman who jumped out of the window after riding a cargo truck.

  The staff member said, "Wolalla is just a platform responsible for dispatching orders to drivers to transport goods. Their company is registered in Shenzhen and has a branch in Changsha. Their company does not need to apply for permits from the transportation department. No filing is required."

  The above-mentioned staff stated that the basis for Cargo Lala does not need to file with the transportation department is the "Ministry of Transport General Office on the cancellation of road transport certificates and drivers for ordinary freight vehicles with a total mass of 4.5 tons and below" issued by the Ministry of Transport in December 2018. Notification of Practicing Qualification Certificate.

The notice requires that from January 1, 2019, local transportation management departments will no longer issue road transport certificates for ordinary freight vehicles with a total mass of 4.5 tons or less.

At the same time, local transportation management departments shall not impose administrative penalties on such vehicles and drivers on the grounds of "operating without a license" and "driving a road passenger and freight transport vehicle without obtaining the corresponding qualification certificate."

  Beijing News reporter Wang Chang and Liu Ruiming, intern Niu Qingyan and Zhu Shichen