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San Blas, on the west coast of the Mexican Pacific and a region belonging to the state of


is considered one of the best places for bird watching in the world during the months of

October to March.

In just a radius of fifty kilometers there are tropical jungles, islands, mangroves and marshes, estuaries and lagoons, mountains of pine and oak ... San Blas has up to

seven types of ecosystems.

The many natural estuaries and coastal mangroves are home to up to

250 endemic species,

although about 80% of the bird population during the winter months are migratory birds from all over North America.

The best destinations in San Blas for

bird watching

, as they say in local slang, are:

Zoquipan Lagoon

Winter refuge for thousands of migratory shore and aquatic birds, as well as habitat for fauna and flora cataloged in protected status such as the

Cairina moschata



the river crocodile, jaguars, ocelots, peregrine falcon or otter, the lagoon is located about two kilometers before the town of Singayta, on highway 74.


One of the best places in the area for

bird watching,

Singayta is located seven kilometers from San Blas and is part of the Pacific coastal plain, with ecosystems of

tropical rainforest and mangroves,

which serve as habitat for a diversity of fauna wild like the river crocodile and the jaguar.

It can be visited very early in the morning to approach other sites in the afternoon such as the shrimp farms heading to the town of Chacalilla or Playa del Rey where the lighthouse and the Mirador del Águila are located.

The descent

In this mountain community the vegetation is wonderful (large areas are dedicated to

coffee plantations

) and it is possible to observe a great variety

of brightly colored birds.

Tecuitata and Cora Falls

This is a new destination that has become a favorite for bird watchers.

As in La Bajada, it is a community in the mountains that is dedicated to the plantation of coffee under shade but the advantage is that there is more bird activity: it is a more open landscape that offers spectacular views from the top of the mountain of the Bay of Matanchén and the coast of San Blas.

Nine kilometers away is the town of Cora and its fabulous waterfalls.

La Noria Ecological Ranch

It is located within the Sierra de San Juan Biosphere State Reserve, in a small valley of 18 hectares and surrounded by green hills.

An ideal place to rest and practice ecotourism, since the ranch has cabins, food services, trails to travel on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, as well as climbing and zip line activities.

Blue-footed booby, an icon of the Riviera Nayarit

In addition to San Blas, the Riviera Nayarit has other outstanding enclaves for bird watching such as the Marietas Islands, Isla Isabel, Isla del Coral, the La Vejiga, El Quelele and La Cortada lagoons ...

These places are home to

unique bird



as magpies, herons, seagulls, pelicans, frigates, swallows, and of course one of the most popular: the

brown and blue footed


, commonly known as


and brown



This curious bird, in addition to being a true icon of the Riviera Nayarit, is one of the main attractions for bird watchers visiting the Islas Marietas National Park and the Isla Isabel National Park.

Its scientific name is

Sula nebouxii,

but the Spanish baptized it as the blue-footed booby bird, due to its showy legs and that it seems to move somewhat clumsily.

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