• Mars 2020: the Turkish 'Martian lake' that showed the way to Perseverance

  • Space: Perseverance takes the first color photographs of the surface of Mars

"It never occurred to me in my life that I could move from cleaning houses to getting to this situation working with

Mars 2020.



Diana Trujillo

arrived in the US, she didn't even speak English.

He was 17 years old and had $ 300 in his pocket.

"When I start to think about how I got here, it is something that I cannot believe," she recounted in a NASA video.


Diana Trujillo's

is one of those inspiring stories that are so loved on the other side of the pond.

He says that his first contact with space was almost therapeutic.

"When I was in Colombia unfortunately there was a lot of violence and looking at the stars was something that could help me to calm down."

Who was going to tell her that 20 years later she would become flight director for the

Mars 2020



"My name is

Diana Trujillo

and I work with robotic hands to collect materials on the surface of the planet


in order to understand and answer the question: 'Was there ever life on the surface of Mars?'

It is impossible to have a better cover letter than that of this 38-year-old aerospace engineer born in


who broadcast, for the first time in Spanish, the landing of Perseverance on Mars last Thursday.

Those seven minutes of heart attack culminated with a shout of joy, live from all over the world, and have already left unseen images of the Martian surface.

Perseverance: The First Landing of a Ship on Mars Recorded on Video

The ultimate push to join

the NASA Academy

after reading a magazine that talked about the role of women who have worked in space missions.

It was 2008 and

Diana Trujillo

became the first Hispanic woman on the show.

"I come to work as a Hispanic woman representing many people who have not thought that they can be part of that but that they can be at some point," says Trujillo, "I am extremely happy to know that I have the opportunity to be part of a group. that can change history ".

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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